Coco Beach Moorea: 6 Things to Know to Plan a Perfect Day

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Hands down, a day at Coco Beach, is one of the best things to do in Moorea! It boasts a beautiful beach, fantastic food, and great snorkeling! This family-owned sliver of paradise is a short 10-minute boat ride from the Moorea mainland. Discover the 6 things to know to plan a perfect day.

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01- How to Get There

How to Get to Coco Beach in Moorea

Map of How to Get to Coco Beach in Moorea

Put “Coco Beach Restaurant Parking” in GoogleMaps. Google will take you right where you need to park.

Coco Beach Restaurant Parking in Moorea

Coco Beach Restaurant parking (photo taken at 2 pm when we got back from Coco Beach)

We arrived around 9:45 am, and there were plenty of spots. When we came back close to 2 pm, the lot was pretty full.

Just remember never to park under a coconut tree unless you want to risk a smashed windshield!

Coco Beach Restaurant Boat Dock in Moorea

Coco Beach Restaurant boat dock

The boat dock is right at the parking lot. Our reservation was at 10 am. We walked down right at 10 am, and a few minutes later our boat captain met us at the dock.

Boats depart the parking lot every 30 minutes from 10 am – 1 pm.

Boats depart Coco Beach every 30 minutes from 1 pm – 3 pm (4 pm on weekends).

Do not miss the last boat; otherwise, you may be camping on the beach.

Boat ride to Coco Beach

Boat ride to Coco Beach

We hopped in along with several other couples and 10 minutes later we arrived at the famous Coco Beach!

02- How to Book 

Coco Beach Restaurant

Coco Beach Restaurant

Remember Coco Beach is popular for a reason, so everyone wants to be there.

Book in advance. We booked about a month in advance, but it was the beginning of high season.

You can make reservations online on the official Coco Beach’s website.

We selected the 10 am slot for 3 reasons:

  • We wanted to snorkel earlier in the day and then eat lunch. Usually, winds will pick up in the afternoon, so the water tends to be calmer in the mornings.
  • I think you get a better table when you are the first reservation (seated closer to the water), but don’t hold me to it. That was just my observation. The table is yours for the day!
  • Going early allows plenty of time to relax and not feel rushed.

03- What to Eat

Tuna Duo at Coco Beach in Moorea

Tuna Duo at Coco Beach in Moorea

There are a lot of fantastic lunch choices including fresh papaya salad, the famous poisson cru, fish burgers, ribs, and cheeseburgers.

I think the star of the show is the fresh tuna!

I ordered the Tuna Duo, where you could pick 2 (tuna sashimi, tuna tartar, or tuna carpaccio).

The tuna sashimi and carpaccio were delicious!

The carpaccio included raw tuna, ginger, tomatoes, cilantro, capers, and parmesan cheese. The parmesan cheese was a surprise and actually paired well.

Gotta love those French influences! Always finding a way to add some cheese. 🙂 We love cheese and even took a cheese tasting class in Paris, so I’m not complaining.

Fish burger at Coco Beach Restaurant in Moorea

Fish burger at Coco Beach Restaurant

The hubby got the fish burger, which was good but needed a little something.

Order anything tuna, and you won’t go wrong.

There are three sections where you may be seated for your delicious lunch:

  • Picnic tables right at the water’s edge
  • Tables/chairs on the deck directly facing the water
  • Picnic tables and tables/chairs in the sandy section in the middle

All sections had umbrellas and some tree cover to offer plenty of shade.

Oceanside seating at Coco Beach Restaurant in Moorea

Oceanside seating at Coco Beach Restaurant

I was hoping to be seated at the picnic table at the water’s edge, but I think that might be reserved for larger groups.

We were seated on the deck with great water views and a little more privacy, which worked out well.

I really love how the table is yours for the day.

If you want to know more about all the best foodie spots, do not miss my Moorea Restaurant Guide!

04- What to Drink 

Pitcher of Ti Punches at Coco Beach Restaurant

Pitcher of Ti’ Punches at Coco Beach Restaurant

Coco Beach has a great selection of cocktails from the classic margarita to the Pina Colada.

You are on a French island. You have to order the Ti’ Punch, which is made with rhum agricole, sugar, and fresh lime juice.

We were first introduced to this cocktail on Pinel Island on the French side of St. Martin. Delicious and refreshing and makes you instantly feel you are on vacation!

And you can even order a pitcher of Ti’ Punches! Which we did.

Coco Beach Restaurant Wine List

Coco Beach Wine Menu 

Coco Beach Cocktail Menu

Coco Beach Cocktail Menu

They also have a decent selection of wines ranging from Champagne to interesting choices like a Sauvignon Blanc from Goriska Brda in Slovenia. We actually went to the Goriska Brda region for wine tastings years ago, so I was intrigued.

Unfortunately, they were out of this wine, so I went with a classic Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Well done on the drink selection!

05- Coco Beach Prices

Walking along Coco Beach

Walking along Coco Beach

What is all this fun going to cost?

Looking back at my Chase credit card statement, the total for a day at Coco Beach for 2 people cost $123.31.

This total included the boat transfer of 500 xpf per person, two lunch orders, a glass of wine, and a pitcher of Ti’ Punches.

No cash is needed, so you don’t have to worry about soggy dollars. All can be paid with a credit card.

06- Where to Snorkel

Where to Snorkel at Coco Beach in Moorea

Where to snorkel at Coco Beach in Moorea

We loved our lunch experience at Coco Beach, but the real reason we wanted to visit was to snorkel their Coral Gardens.

Do not forget to bring your snorkeling gear!

Coco Beach is located on Motu Tiahura. Adjacent to Motu Tiahura is the Coral Gardens!

Friendly stingrays like to hang out right next to the restaurant and in the middle section of the Coral Gardens. You can’t miss them.

We also saw a few blacktip sharks as well in the deeper sections. They were very skittish and swam away as soon as they saw us.

Snorkeling with a stingray at the Coral Gardens near Coco Beach in Moorea

My GoPro footage of a stingray at the Coral Gardens near Coco Beach 

Access to the Coral Gardens involves a short little walk.

Walk clockwise from the restaurant heading north along the beach. About halfway up, jump into the water and swim towards the middle.

Plenty of coral heads and fish to explore, however, the best snorkeling is behind the groups of rock directly north.

See the snorkeling map above for orientation.

There was a little current swimming out toward the rocks but nothing strenuous.

Our Coco Beach Itinerary 

  • 10 AM: We booked this slot. 10 AM is the earliest you can book
  • 10:30 AM: Enjoyed a Ti’ Punch
  • 11 AM: Left our stuff at the table and went to snorkel
  • 12:15 PM: Finished snorkeling and went back to our table for lunch and to finish our cocktails (By the way, we were told by our waitress 12 PM is their busiest time)
  • 12:45 PM: Lunch was served!
  • 1:40 PM: Boat ride back to the dock

Final Thoughts

Do not come to Moorea and miss Coco Beach! If you love delicious food and cocktails with a little ocean breeze in your hair, this is your happy place. Book in advance, select that 10 AM slot, and enjoy a fantastic day of snorkeling and relaxing.

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