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My husband and I love to “snorkation.” We have been to quite a few of the top snorkeling destinations around the world from the Maldives to Bonaire. Our most recent adventures landed us in French Polynesia. We found some of the best sites required a guided excursion, which led us to Alex Lagoon Tours in Moorea. Here’s our detailed review!

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Alex Lagoon Tours 

Snorkeling with blacktip sharks in Moorea

Snorkeling with blacktip reef sharks 



✔️   Max of 6 people

✔️   Friendly, expert guide

✔️   Boat offers shade

✔️   4 unique high-quality snorkel sites

✔️   Avoids the crowds

✔️   Delicious refreshments at the end



I cannot say enough positive things about Alex Lagoon Small Group Tours! His tagline of what to expect is “4 hours of happiness.” This pretty much sums up the day.

Alex only takes a max of 6 people. On the day we went, we were a group of 4.

Why is this important? Because larger groups mean everyone is on top of each other with fins in your face and elbows poking your side. It’s miserable. Been there, done that, and not again.

We had a fantastic group who all loved snorkeling and were respectful of everyone’s space.

Alex expertly guided us to 4 unique locations on the island’s northwestern side. He made us feel completely relaxed and wanted us to feel like it was our personal boat for the day.

The boat was the perfect size for everyone to spread out. The seats were super cushy and comfortable. It also had a retractable canvas to help protect everyone from the sun.

I’d still recommend a rash guard though because you are getting in and out of the water at multiple sites. Also, we brought our own snorkeling gear, but he does provide equipment if you don’t have your own.

Make sure to bring your own towel and sunscreen too! I bring my travel towel for these kind of tours.

During the tour, Alex ensured we had the best snorkeling experience by keeping our masks clean to prevent fogging.

I greatly appreciate these little details.

Alright, let’s go through the 4 snorkeling spots!


01- Turtle & Ray Alley

Boat ride to Coco Beach

Snorkeling with 7 eagle rays with Alex Lagoon Tours in Moorea

The first stop involved a shallow snorkel over some coral heads and then a deeper snorkel over a sandy channel. There’s no official name that I am aware of.

I’m going to call it Turtle & Ray Alley because we saw not only turtles but 7 (yes, 7!) eagle rays!

If you have ever snorkeled with eagle rays, you know they are fast, like super fast.

We have had the chance to snorkel with them at Angel City in Bonaire, Le Meridien in the Maldives, and Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize. You may have about 20 seconds with them, and then poof, they are gone!

One super cool experience Alex offers is that you snorkel that first site with a tow. That means if you happen to get a chance to see eagle rays (remember there’s no guarantee!), you actually can keep up with them.

It’s like you are gliding with them.

Boat ride to Coco Beach

Snorkeling with a tow with Alex Lagoon Tours

We had never snorkeled with a tow before, but it was a cool way to cover a lot of ground and keep up with fast moving marine life.

There were two people to a tow, so my husband and I were on one together.

We each had one hand on the handle, which freed up my second hand to take footage with my favorite underwater camera.


02- Sharks & Rays Sandbar

Swimming with blacktip sharks and stingrays in Moorea

Curios blacktip reef sharks 

If you can only fit in one snorkeling adventure, make it the Sharks & Rays Sandbar!

There is a sandbar in the middle of the lagoon where you can stand in chest deep water and have blacktip reef sharks and stingrays swim all around you.

We have snorkeled with blacktip reef sharks before in deeper water at the Outrigger in the Maldives, but they were very skittish and swam away once they spotted you.

Not at the sandbar!

These blacktips were very curious but never aggressive. I never felt nervous or scared.

Alex also gives you a safety briefing before you jump in the water, so you know proper snorkeling etiquette around the sharks and rays.

Playful stingrays in Moorea

Friendly stingrays

And don’t forget the stingrays!

I know they call nurse sharks the puppy dogs of the sea, but I think these stingrays deserve that name. They were so affectionate and just loved the attention.

We also saw some fish that didn’t want to be left out of the action, but the main attraction was the sharks and rays.

More details and photos can be found in my Sharks & Rays Mini Guide.

Since this is a popular spot, it can get crowded. However, Alex times it just right so you avoid the big crowds.


03- Coral Canyon

Snorkeling over coral canyon in Moorea with Alex Lagoon Tours

Snorkeling over coral canyon 

The third stop was what I would call Coral Canyon.

This is a deeper snorkel and is completely different than all the other sites. 

It was really cool to see these deep channels dug into the reef. We were lucky to see a turtle!

Snorkeling with a turtle over coral canyon in Moorea with Alex Lagoon Tours

Snorkeling with a turtle over coral canyon


04- Coral Garden Tiahura

Snorkeling with a school of convict surgeonfish at Coral Garden Tiahura in Moorea

Snorkeling with convict surgeonfish at Coral Garden Tiahura 

Our final snorkeling site was Coral Garden Tiahura next to the famous Coco Beach.

The snorkeling here was shallow and clear and had beautiful pockets of coral.

We saw several stingrays, a passing blacktip reef shark, and a huge variety of fish. Some of the best snorkeling was on the northern end by the rocks.

My snorkeling map and more photos can be found in my Coral Garden Tiahura Mini Guide!

At the conclusion of our tour, we celebrated a beautiful day in Moorea with a little rum and some fresh coconut slices.

Life doesn’t get much better.

Alex Lagoon Tours Price

Value and quality of an experience are super important to me. This tour exceeded expectations!

For less than $100 USD per person, Alex provides incredible value and basically a semi-private tour.

Final Thoughts

A day with Alex Lagoon Small Group Tours was one of our top things to do in Moorea!

Out of all the tours, this is the one you do not want to miss. Alex is incredibly friendly and kind and truly wants to make sure you are having the best experience.

After your amazing morning, replenish all those lost calories with some delicious poisson cru at nearby Snack Mahana, one of the best Moorea restaurants.

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