Inside Moorea Water Games: Honest Review and What to Expect 

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If you love snorkeling, you’re going to love Moorea! My husband and I snorkel all over the world from Belize to the Maldives to find the best places. We discovered Moorea has some incredible snorkel spots. Some require a snorkeling tour to get there, which led us to the Moorea Water Games Tour. Here’s our personal review and what to expect!

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Moorea Water Games

Snorkeling with multiple stingrays at Jardin de Corail du Motu Ahi

Snorkeling with multiple stingrays at Jardin de Corail du Motu Ahi



✔️   Max of 6 people

✔️   Use of a professional sea scooter!

✔️   Very friendly team which includes a captain, guide, and photographer

✔️   3 unique high-quality snorkel sites

✔️   No crowds

✔️   Boat offers shade

✔️   Snorkeling equipment and wetsuits provided



Moorea Water Games Tour takes you to all the top snorkeling sites on the northeastern side of Moorea.

One of the unique things about the tour is you get to use a sea scooter to jet around the coral!

My husband and I had never tried a sea scooter, so we were super excited to see what it was like.

We arrived at the Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort at 8 am. Captain Manu did a safety briefing and showed us how the sea scooters work.

There are three speeds. You can adjust the speed with the buttons on either side. Click once for low speed, twice for medium speed, and three times for high speed. Super easy to use!

The day we went the water was very calm. It was like glass. We really only needed to use the first speed. Diving down requires higher speeds.

When I held the sea scooter during our briefing, I was worried because it felt heavy.

However, once you are in the water, it floats and doesn’t feel heavy at all. Super easy to handle even for someone like me who’s petite-framed.

Moorea Water Games also provides full face masks and wet suits. We always bring our own snorkeling gear (I’m a little picky), and I love wearing a rash guard and swim leggings to avoid sunburn.

Wearing Tuga swim leggings in Moorea French Polynesia

Wearing my rash guard and swim leggings on the Sea Scooter Tour

Before we went to our three snorkel sites, we practiced maneuvering the underwater scooters in a shallow section at the Sofitel.

It’s amazing how much ground you can cover with these scooters!

They allow you to catch up to something quickly like a big beautiful school of convict surgeonfish.

Alternatively, if the current is pushing you slightly, it can help stabilize your body while you observe something in the coral, such as an adorable puffer fish.

The best way to describe an underwater sea scooter is like an E-bike. Use the power when you need it, and let off the power when you don’t.

Once everyone was comfortable, we boated to the first site!

Here are the beautiful 3 snorkel spots we explored:


1- Coral Garden at the Sofitel

Snorkeling with a school of blue-green chromis at Sofitel in Moorea

Snorkeling with a school of blue-green chromis at Sofitel in Moorea

Hands down, the snorkeling at Sofitel’s Coral Garden is the best area to snorkel on the island of Moorea!

The Sofitel is located on Temae Beach, which is a gorgeous public beach that looks like it should be in a movie scene.

A day at this gorgeous beach is one of my favorite things to do in Moorea!

There are a few different sections to snorkel (map included!), which are all detailed in my Sofitel Coral Garden Mini Guide.

Captain Manu and our guide Mana took us to a beautiful coral section near the Sofitel to sea scooter around.

The snorkeling in this section was shallow (great for snorkelers!), and the water was super clear.

We saw a variety of fish including large schools of convict surgeonfish, blue-green chromis, a porcupine fish, butterflyfish, and even a small blacktip reef shark that was cruising around the staghorn coral.

Make sure to bring your underwater camera! In order to attach it to the sea scooter though, it needs to have a handle that fits.

Take a look at my favorite underwater camera, which includes details on the best handle that will fit on this scooter.


02- Cleaning Station

Snorkeling at the cleaning station on the Moorea Sea Scooter Tour

Our guide Mana diving down to check out the cleaning station 

Next up is a site they referred to as the cleaning station.

This snorkel spot was deeper, but the visibility was awesome because the water was crystal clear.

We saw large schools of sixbar wrasse, scissortail sergeants, and a turtle. Our guide Mana pointed out an eel, but it was too deep for me to make out.


03- Motu Ahi

Swimming with stingrays at Jardin de Corail

Multiple stingrays at Jardin de Corail 

Our final stop was Jardin de Corail du Motu Ahi.

Motu Ahi is a private island. Jardin de Corail (Coral Garden) is located adjacent to the motu. 

The owners of the motu allow certain operators to take guests to snorkel. We’ve snorkeled here twice. The second time was with a family-owned operation, which is detailed in my Jardin de Corail Mini Guide.

Both were great experiences. Because the current can be a little stronger here, it was a lot of fun to have a sea scooter!

We saw multiple stingrays who just loved the attention.

I called our guide Mana the “stingray whisperer” because all the stingrays kept following him like little puppy dogs. They were so affectionate.

We also saw a few blacktip reef sharks, banded sergeants, blue-green chromis, whitespotted puffer, bluefin trevally, and threadfin butterflyfish.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, I was a little skeptical about the sea scooter because I wasn’t sure how much it would really add to the snorkeling experience.

After snorkeling for four hours, I am hooked! It was so much fun. I even discussed with my husband how can we take one with us on future snorkations.

The sea scooters were easy to use, surprisingly light once in the water because of the positive buoyancy, and had great power with the customized speeds. You could even dive down to check out a cool turtle on a deeper snorkel or do 360º spins in the water just because you could.

I highly recommend the Moorea Water Games Tour with Captain Manu and Guide Mana. And don’t forget to get the photo + video package from the awesome photographer Tom who captures your entire experience.

After your snorkeling adventure, enjoy a delicious poke bowl at Restaurant La Grande Voile, one of my favorite Moorea restaurants!

If you are looking for more snorkeling adventures and want to hit all the best snorkel sites on the northwestern side of the island, then don’t miss my review on Alex Lagoon Tours.

Happy snorkeling! 🤿

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