8 Best Restaurants in Moorea According to a Foodie Traveler 

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My husband and I travel for food whether it’s delicious street tacos in Mexico City or an incredible tasting menu from a Michelin-starred chef in Slovenia. We love discovering the best foodie meals that make us remember a place. Moorea was no exception. Here are the 8 best restaurants in Moorea that will make your tastebuds happy.

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01- Snack Mahana

Seaside dining at Snack Mahana in Moorea

Seaside dining at Snack Mahana in Moorea

Ok, I’ll start first with the obvious choice, Snack Mahana.

This family-owned restaurant is a Moorea foodie institution!

It has the trifecta … incredibly flavorful food, fantastic seaside ambiance, and very friendly staff.

After having a wonderful morning snorkeling with blacktip sharks and rays with Alex Lagoon Tours, we drove to Snack Mahana for a delicious lunch.

We arrived around 12:15 pm, and the place was packed. If you want to sit at the tables along the water’s edge to watch the fish, you’ll need to arrive at opening time.

Fellow travelers said to order the poisson cru and the breaded mahi with coconut milk.

The poisson cru, which is tuna marinated with coconut milk, was delicious. It comes out in a heaping pile you can barely see over. Very generous portions.

Poisson cru at Snack Mahana in Moorea

Poisson cru at Snack Mahana

They were out of breaded mahi, so we went with the seared tuna instead. I am so glad they had no more mahi because the seared tuna was our FAVORITE dish!

Wow. The tuna was cooked perfectly and literally felt like butter in my mouth. I will remember that dish for years to come.

Seared tuna at Snack Mahana in Moorea

Seared tuna at Snack Mahana

WHAT TO ORDER: poisson cru and seared tuna

No reservations. Cash only.

02- Le Lezard Jaune Cafe

Chef’s Special Poisson Cru at Le Lezard Jaune Cafe in Moorea

Chef’s Special Poisson Cru at Le Lezard Jaune Cafe 

We asked our Vrbo host where to eat, and he said “definitely” eat at Le Lezard Jaune Cafe and Casa Vincenzo (which is next on my list). With such a strong recommendation, expectations were high.

Fun fact. Le Lezard Jaune means yellow lizard in French. I discovered Moorea also means yellow lizard but in Tahitian. Very appropriate restaurant name!

What stands out about Le Lezard Jaune (besides the incredible food) is the warm service. The owners, Dominique and Philippe, were very welcoming. Our wonderful server thoroughly explained the menu and gave some great recommendations.

We had the Chef’s Special Poisson Cru with Thai rice, which was beautifully prepared.

Very light and fresh. Kinda like ceviche. I ordered it as a meal instead of a starter.

Half cooked tuna at Le Lezard Jaune Cafe in Moorea

Half-cooked red tuna at Le Lezard Jaune Cafe

The hubby ordered the half-cooked red tuna, which is prepared using a style called a la plancha. The tuna is seared using high heat, which keeps the tuna super tender inside. So delicious!

Trying taro at Le Lezard Jaune Cafe in Moorea

Trying taro at Le Lezard Jaune Cafe 

You can pick your sides. My husband picked taro, which we had never had before.

Taro is known as the Polynesian potato. It was incredible. I need more taro in my life. Order this side if it’s available!

WHAT TO ORDER: poisson cru, half-cooked tuna, and taro

Reservation required. Credit card accepted.

03- Casa Vincenzo

Casa Vincenzo pizza oven in Moorea

Casa Vincenzo pizza oven in Moorea

Everyone goes to Allo Pizza, but the pizza at Casa Vincenzo knocks it out of the park!

Their pizza oven is imported from Italy, and they offer legit Neapolitan pizza cooked in 90 seconds at 460°C!

The only catch is you have to make a reservation because they prepare their dough 48 hours in advance specifically for you. 

Neapolitan pizza at Casa Vincenzo in Moorea

Neapolitan pizza at Casa Vincenzo in Moorea

Pizzas are massive. Toppings are generous.

We both ordered a Burrata pizza, which offered so much cheesy-goodness. I am amazed something this delicious exists on a remote island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean!

By the way, leftovers taste amazing the next day.

Casa Vicenzo also offers fresh homemade pasta, but the real reason you go is for the pizza.

WHAT TO ORDER: any of the pizzas! 

Reservations required. Credit card accepted

04- Restaurant La Grand Voile

Restaurant La Grand Voile in Moorea

Restaurant La Grand Voile in Moorea

This charming island-chic food shack was a great find.

After snorkeling all morning on our Sea Scooter Tour (which is one of our favorite things to do in Moorea!), we had worked up an appetite.

Restaurant La Grand Voile was the perfect lunch spot.

They offer burgers (fish and steak), but the real reason you come here is for the super tasty poke bowls. My husband and I both ordered the Ahi Poke Bowl, which came with rice and a cole slaw-like salad.

Delicious. Fresh. Healthy.

Ahi Poke Bowl at Restaurant La Grand Voile in Moorea

Ahi Poke Bowl at Restaurant La Grand Voile 

They also have various specials of the day. For example, they were offering a truffle burger with brie cheese and mushroom ravioli with truffles when we went. 

The space is small with limited parking and can fill up quickly.

It’s a one-man shop (who is super nice!), so there may be a wait if there’s a crowd. You can’t rush fresh delicious food.

WHAT TO ORDER: poke and buddha bowl

No reservations. Cash only.

05- Coco Beach Restaurant 

Coco Beach Restaurant

Coco Beach Restaurant in Moorea

Coco Beach is a destination in itself.

It does require a short boat ride to a private motu and a reservation.

This is another incredible Moorea restaurant that gets points for all three: food, ambiance, and service.

We were seated seaside with beautiful views and fresh breezes. Lunch is fresh and flavorful.

I ordered the Tuna Duo, which gave me the option to pick 2 tuna preparations (tuna sashimi, tuna tartar, or tuna carpaccio).

Tuna Duo at Coco Beach in Moorea

Tuna Duo at Coco Beach Restaurant

I picked the tuna sashimi and carpaccio, which was so fresh and delicious.

The tuna carpaccio had an interesting mix of toppings which included ginger, tomatoes, cilantro, capers, and parmesan. Yep, parmesan. Gotta love the French and their love for cheese!

Coco Beach also had a nice wine and cocktail list. Order a pitcher of Ti’ punches.

Don’t forget to snorkel in the coral gardens next to Coco Beach, so bring your snorkeling gear!

Check out my Coco Beach Guide for all the details.


Reservations required. Credit card accepted.

06- Coco et Banana

COCO et Banana Moorea

Coco et Banana in Moorea

Alright, I know this is not a restaurant, but I had to include this wonderful boulangerie. It’s truly a foodie gem!

Coco et Banana is run by the sweetest lady, and she offers a wide array of pastries, croissants, baguettes, and delicious bread.

Croissant and chocolate brioche from COCO et Banana in Moorea

Croissant and chocolate brioche from Coco et Banana (photo taken at our Vrbo rental)

My husband and I enjoyed a delicious croissant, a chocolate brioche with coconut flakes, and a well-made baguette. We had to hike Magic Mountain to work off all that good food, but the calories were so worth it! 

The shop owner posts all the delicious things she bakes on her Facebook page, so check it out for current offerings. 

WHAT TO ORDER: everything!

Credit card accepted.

07- Les Sorbets De Moorea

Les Sorbets De Moorea

Les Sorbets De Moorea

Les Sorbets De Moorea is another foodie gem not to be missed.

We went back multiple times. They offer multiple sorbet and ice cream flavors including oreo, hazelnut, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, praline, pineapple, passion fruit, mango, and ginger.

The ladies that run the shop are very friendly.

Chocolate and coconut ice cream from Les Sorbets de Moorea

Chocolate and coconut ice cream from Les Sorbets De Moorea (photo taken at our Vrbo rental) 

I strongly recommend combining a scoop of coconut and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Great combination!

You can enjoy your yummy ice cream with a bubble waffle. I forget they offered that as an option, but the photos look super enticing.

Do not miss this foodie spot! 

WHAT TO ORDER: Coconut and chocolate combo ice cream

Cash only.

08- NY Bagel

NY Bagel in Moorea

Oceanside seating at NY Bagel in Moorea

NY Bagel was a surprisingly (good!) find. On our way to the airport, we picked up a bagel sandwich to-go.

It’s located at Moorea Beach Cafe.

Bagels are made fresh daily and include options such as plain, sesame, cinnamon raisin, and poppy.

After you pick your bagel type, then choose your sandwich. 

Sesame bagel with Paris ham and Beaufort cheese from NY Bagel in Moorea

Sesame bagel with Paris ham and Beaufort cheese from NY Bagel in Moorea

I enjoyed a sesame bagel with Paris ham, Beaufort cheese, cream cheese, salad, tomato, and onion.

The bagel reminded me more of a pretzel. It wasn’t the same style as a true NY bagel (which we’ve had) but delicious nonetheless.

You can also enjoy your bagel sandwich seaside at one of the many tables to take in those ocean breezes.

Moorea Food Tour 

Eating a chow mein sandwich from Golden Lake in Moorea

Eating a chow mein sandwich from Golden Lake in Moorea

If you are short on time or do not have a rental car, consider joining a food tour.

My husband and I have done many food tours around the world (usually in big cities like Hong Kong or Lima, Peru) and have really enjoyed them. They are such a fun way to discover a culture through its food.

We wanted to join the highly-rated Moorea Street Food Tour run by local Chef Heimata, but we didn’t have time to include it in the itinerary (we were too busy snorkeling!). Next time though!

French Polynesia has a distinct foodie identity due to the French, Chinese, and Polynesian cultures.

For example, a unique offering on the Moorea Street Food Tour (which we tried on our own) is the chow mein sandwich from Golden Lake Restaurant.

It’s a unique combination of flavors and textures but weirdly works. The noodles, cabbage, carrots and BBQ sauce are piled on a fresh delicious baguette.

Try it to understand it.

Golden Lake also offers a delicious fluffy coconut bread that goes down way too easily.

Delicious coconut bread from Golden Lake in Moorea

Delicious coconut bread from Golden Lake in Moorea

Final Thoughts

Do not just stay at your resort and eat hotel food, which I’m sure is great, but Moorea has a lot to offer even for the pickiest of eaters! 

I hope sharing some of our favorite foodie spots helps you answer the all-important question when you are on vacation … Where are we going to eat?  

Bon appétit!

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