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The Story

behind the ladybug logo

My love of travel all started with my Ladybug Grandma.

This endearing nickname stemmed from the street she used to live on.

As a kid, I always looked forward to the summer. My grandparents had a beach house on the Outer Banks. Once the school year ended, I would pack up my suitcase and hop in the car with my Grandma for our annual road trip.

I have great memories of searching for shells in the sand, eating hot dogs at Capt’n Franks (an OBX foodie institution!), and visiting the wild horses in Corolla.

For me, the ladybug symbolizes great travel experiences with your loved ones. Enjoy as many as you can.

The Story

behind how we travel now

My love of travel has continued on with my husband.

Those early summer getaways to the beach have now evolved into some pretty epic vacations to the far corners of the world. From Japan to New Zealand to Peru, we have covered a lot of ground.

We now travel to seek out the best culinary and outdoor adventures around the world. If this sounds like your style of travel, join my travel circle below for all the latest guides and tips!

How we like to travel:

Discover All Corners

We travel to discover new places from our own backyard in the U. S. to charming faraway towns in Vietnam.

Eat New Foods

We travel to eat from roadside food shacks in Mexico to Michelin-starred restaurants in Slovenia. And yes, like true fans, we have watched every episode of all the Anthony Bourdain shows.

Sip Wine

We travel to sip wine. Oh, yes. We are guilty of planning quite a few wine vacations (12 to be exact!).

Embrace the Outdoors

We travel to be active in the great outdoors through day hiking, biking, and snorkeling in both popular and off-the-beaten-path locations. We have to work off all that amazing food somehow!

Sleep in Unique Lodging

We travel to stay in unique boutique places, where we can meet other interesting travelers. Sleeping in a treehouse out in the African bush? How about a small producer Champagne house in France that serves you the best house Champagne at breakfast? Yes, please!

Explore Cocktail Culture

We travel to experience a country’s cocktail culture and try out our new discoveries at home. Our favorites have been Mori Bar in Japan and The Old Man Bar in Hong Kong.

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