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Quinto do Tedo in Portugal


My husband and I both have full-time jobs. My hobby is spending an embarrassingly amount of time researching and planning for the next adventure. With limited vacation time, we try to maximize every second of our trips.

We love trying local food from enjoying a fresh fish cutter from Cuz’s Fish Stand in Barbados to having the most amazing sushi of my life at Sawada in Japan. We love red wine (specifically pinot noir!) and a great cocktail, so we have traveled to many different countries seeking out some of the best. To work off all those calories from these foodie experiences, we love to incoporate some type of outdoor adventure into our travels. Biking, hiking, and snorkeling are our favorites, but we also enjoy extreme activities such as bungee jumping and cage diving with great white sharks.

Everyone has their own interests when they travel, but our specific focus is on culinary and outdoor adventure. I hope you find this blog useful as you plan your next trip.

Happy Travels,


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