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The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant: 14 Things to Know Before You Go

Last updated Jan 2, 2023 | Best Food United States, Virginia

There are only thirteen 3-star Michelin restaurants in the United States, and one of them is located in a rural town in Virginia. After watching The Inn at Little Washington: A Delicious Documentary, we were excited and started checking for reservation openings daily. Finally one opened up weeks after we started searching. My fingers flew over the computer keyboard to lock it in. Before our big dining event at the legendary Inn at Little Washington Restaurant, we had questions.

What to wear? Where to stay? What else is there to do? Here are all the answers to the 14 questions you may have (or haven’t even thought of yet) on one of the most amazing foodie experiences!

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01- Dress Code

There is NO dress code. You wear what is comfortable. With that being said, most diners here are celebrating special occasions and do dress up. 

We enjoyed our tasting menu experience on a hot summer Saturday evening. Since it was summertime, I was debating whether to wear a more casual sundress or cocktail attire. I went cocktail attire and wore a black fitted J.crew dress with patent leather leopard print pumps and a matching belt. My husband wore a navy blue pinstripe suit. 

My observation was almost all the men wore suit jackets, and almost all the women wore dresses. The women wore a mix of long sundresses and cocktail attire, and one wore white pants with a nice top. 

Although some may disagree, but I like that there is no dress code. The staff is extremely friendly, and there is no judgment. With that being said, I would have felt uncomfortable if I showed up in shorts. 

Posing at the entrance of The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant

Posing at the entrance of The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant

02- Hotel Options Other Than the Inn

I would strongly advise spending the night if you are dining at The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant. This is an incredibly unique dining experience, and they have amazing cocktails and quite an extensive wine list. No one is going to want to volunteer to be the DD on a night like this.

Of course, spending the night at The Inn at Little Washington is an experience itself and will cost you anywhere from $525 – $3750 depending on the room and date selected. Rate includes a welcome cocktail, afternoon tea, guaranteed dinner reservation, and breakfast the next day.

This is not the only option though! If The Inn’s rooms are all booked or you want to save several hundred dollars, you have 4 options: 

    We snagged a last-minute reservation to The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant, and all the rooms at The Inn were booked. We scrambled to find accommodations within walking distance of the restaurant. 

    Our second choice was The White Moose Inn. It is a mere block away from the restaurant. The proximity is important especially if you dine on an evening with less than ideal weather. The sky decided to open up and pour rain right before we had to walk over to our dinner reservation. I was super happy I only had a block to walk in high heels while balancing an umbrella and my cookbook (more on that later!). 

    The White Moose Inn in Washington Virginia

    The White Moose Inn in Washington, Virginia

    We had an incredible experience at The White Moose Inn mainly due to the warm hospitality of the inn’s manager, Rachel! I loved the aesthetic of the property … chic, warm colors, modern, clean lines, and mid-century modern touches. 

    The living room area at White Moose Inn in Washington Virginia

    Living room area at The White Moose Inn 

    Highlights of The White Moose Inn included the following:

    • All rooms have king beds. No queen beds here.
    • Daily happy hour from 5-6 pm. You have a choice of Early Mountain Vineyards red or white wine or Copper Fox whisky. All local establishments.
    • Lovely breakfast from the nationally acclaimed Red Truck Bakery. The first course includes yogurt and fresh fruit paired with their famous chunky gourmet granola.  The second course is a delicious quiche that went down way too quickly.  

    * Loved by Oprah and former President Barack Obama, the Red Truck Bakery has even been named as one of the 13 Destination Bakeries by Condé Nast Traveler! Located 35 minutes away from The Inn, this bakery is a destination in itself. 

    Red Truck Bakery in Marshall Virginia

    Red Truck Bakery in Marshall, Virginia … another worthwhile foodie stop!

    03- Dreams Can Happen

    Alright, I realize the title of point #3 is a little corny. Let me explain. I brought my Chef Patrick O’Connells’ cookbook Refined American Cuisine with me during dinner in hopes he would sign it for my husband’s birthday. I asked the hostess if that was possible. She could not guarantee it, but she said she would try.

    After we were seated and halfway into our first glass of champagne, she walks over with a big smile on her face. She said she was able to catch the Chef to grab a quick signature. I was elated. This incredibly kind gesture made my evening! 

    Patrick O'Connells Refined American Cuisine Cookbook

    Signed Patrick O’Connell’s Refined American Cuisine Cookbook

    04- There is a Kitchen Table Experience

    How did I not know about this before? I didn’t find out about this experience until well after our dinner at The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant. 

    For a surcharge of $595 per table, you can experience what is referred to as “dinner and a movie.” Sit back and watch the talented staff dance around the impressive kitchen.

    The giant Vulcan range in the kitchen was built in France, and the walls are beautifully adorned in handmade blue and white Portuguese tiles. 

    There are only 2 tables that seat up to 6 people per table. You cannot book the Kitchen Table Experience online. Call the reservations department at 540-675-3800. Ah, maybe we’ll book this experience for our 20th wedding anniversary if Chef Patrick O’Connell has not retired by then. 

    05- Chef Patrick O’Connell is Actually Present

    A lot of celebrity chefs are not always present in the kitchen every night. I wasn’t sure if the Chef would actually be there the night we dined. But he was, and Patrick O’Connell signed my cookbook! I was one happy lady. 

    06- Wine Pairing vs. Buying a Bottle(s) + Cocktail

    Decisions, decisions.

    I am embarrassed to say my husband and I research everything. We looked up the wine pairing choices ahead of time to get a sense of the wines used for the pairing. Of course, they were all excellent choices verified by Vivino (4.0+ rating) in the $50+ range. 

    We usually go with the wine pairings, but the Inn at Little Washington had some really interesting wine choices on their extensive wine list. We were celebrating my husband’s belated birthday, so we immediately gravitated towards the Champagne section. We were intrigued by The Inn’s “Grower Champagne” selection.

    Grower Champagne was a completely new term for us. Our sommelier, Kenny, explained typically Champagne houses will blend together grapes from multiple growers. Grower Champagne is made and bottled by the same person who grew the grapes.

    What you get is very interesting and unique wines specific to that vineyard’s climate and terroir instead of a more consistent flavor profile when you blend the grapes from multiple growers. 

    Of all the Champagne imported into the United States, only 5% is Grower Champagne! We were sold and selected the last bottle of Marc Hebrart Champagne Selection Brut NV they had. It was fantastic! 


    Option 1

    Wine Pairing Cost: $208 pp x 2 = $416 total

    Option 2

    1 bottle of very unique Champagne ($165) + 2 cocktails ($22 pp) + 2 glasses of Madeira to end the evening ($22 pp) = $253 total 

    Going with Option 2 was a no brainer for us.

    Spirit, Acid, Bitter, Sweet, Heat Cocktail at The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia

    My pre-dinner cocktail: Spirit, Acid, Bitter, Sweet, Heat Cocktail is made of Mezcal, Local Fortified Wine, Campari, Local Honey, Citrus, Chili 

    07- Actual Cost

    What is a special celebratory evening to one of only thirteen 3-Star Michelin restaurants in the entire United States going to cost for 2 people? 

    • Dinner: $265 per person x 2 people
    • Cheese Supplement: $28
    • Drinks: $253 
    • Beverage, Tax, Service Charge (tip already included) 

      Total: $1036.50

      Worth it? 

      For a celebration, yes! 

      08- Order the Cheese Plate to Meet Faira & Cameron

      I love the whimsical, ornate, and eccentric feel of The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant. Make sure to order the cheese supplement. A fun experience towards the end of the evening is meeting the fun and quirky Cameron, the Cheese Sommelier, and his trusty cow, Faira. 

      Cameron is full of witty puns and has a wealth of cheese knowledge. After sharing what we liked, he whipped up a great selection to try.

      One favorite now is Epoisses. Yes, it is pungent and they have banned it on the Parisian public transport system due to the smell. But it is delicious and super creamy! Whole Foods now carries it. Or if you want to experience it at the source, take a flight to France and enjoy a cheese class as we did. 

      Cameron the cheese sommelier and Faira the cow at Inn at Little Washington

      Cameron, the cheese sommelier, and Faira the cow at The Inn at Little Washington

      09- Prepare for a 3-Hour Experience 

      There are two seatings: 5:00-5:45 pm and 8:00-9 pm. Our reservation was at 8:45 pm, and we finished just before midnight. Prepare for 3 hours for a lovely 5-course tasting menu. 

      Carpaccio of Herb-Crusted Elysian Fields Baby Lamb Loin with Caesar Salad Ice Cream at The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant

      Carpaccio of Herb-Crusted Elysian Fields Baby Lamb Loin with Caesar Salad Ice Cream at The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant

      10- Check Out the Fanciest Chicken Coop You Will Ever See 

      After our amazing dining experience and a good night’s sleep, we walked over to The Inn at Little Washington’s farm the next morning. There is a Perimeter Walk you can take around the llama pasture (yes, they have 2 resident llamas!) to check out all the farm animals, beehives, and gardens. 

      Llamas at The Inn at Little Washington Farm in Virginia

      Llamas at The Inn at Little Washington’s Farm 

      You will also walk by the Red Star chickens, and they are living it up! The coop comes with stained glass windows and supposedly has a chandelier. I couldn’t get close enough to peer inside to verify. This particular breed’s brown eggs are known for their rich flavor. 

      Red star chickens hanging out at their fancy chicken coop at the farm at The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia

      Red star chickens hanging out at their fancy chicken coop at the farm at The Inn at Little Washington 

      They have their own farmer, gardener, butcher, and beekeeper. Because of this deep commitment to sustainability for the past several decades, not only has The Inn at Little Washington earned 3-Michelin stars but also a Green Star by Illy.

      11- Gift Shop is Worth a Stop

      I am not a trinkets kinda person and usually avoid souvenir shops, but The Inn at Little Washington’s gift shop is worth poking your head into. You can purchase anything from artwork to signature bags to cookbooks to the famous Dalmatian aprons Chef Patrick O’Connell is known for wearing around the kitchen. 

      I was there specifically to check out the food options. Offerings include various jams, granola, spiced pineapple bar treats, and truffled popcorn. I settled on a local jar of honey made from the beehives we had just walked past.

      Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

      Local honey purchased at The Inn at Little Washington gift shop

      We also purchased a loaf of the salted pecan currant rye bread we had sampled at last night’s dinner. If you love rye bread, this is delicious and addicting! 

      Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

      Salted pecan currant rye bread purchased at The Inn at Little Washington gift shop

      I also picked up some holidays cards of The Inn at Little Washington. I love beautiful stationery. 

      12- There is NO Uber 

      If you are driving anywhere from the DC area, stay the night. You will not be able to Uber home because there is no Uber! There are some taxi and transportation services The Inn recommends, but it is costly. For that price, you might as well enjoy a good night’s sleep and breakfast at one of the local accommodations. 

      These were the transportation options recommended by the Inn:  

      1. Front Royal Taxi 

      540-313-5009 (local transportation only)

      2. Presidential Limousine 


      3. Executive Limousine


      13- Forget Cell Reception 

      You are out there in rural Virginia, so forget cell phone coverage. If you have Sprint or T-mobile, you will be fine. If you don’t, you will not have cell phone coverage. Washington, Virginia is out there! 

      I would highly advise downloading Google offline maps if you are using cellular-based GPS to get there. You do not want to be late for this dinner reservation. 

      14- Things to Do Other Than The Inn 

      The Inn at Little Washington = The Town of Washington, Virginia.

      Without The Inn, there would be no town. There are a few little shops to check out like Wine Loves Chocolate and r.h. ballard shop & gallery. 

      However, if you explore right outside the town of Washington, there is much to see and do! 


      Silo at RdV Vineyards in Delaplane Virginia

      Entrance of RdV Vineyards in Delaplane, Virginia

      It’s not Willamette Valley (our favorite wine region ever), but Virginia still has some worthwhile wineries to check out. 

      One of them is RdV Vineyards, which is located 40 minutes away from The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant. We visited this winery on a separate getaway, but you could stop by for a tasting on your way back home from The Inn. RdV is truly a stunning property with a beautifully designed silo as its centerpiece. Elements of stone, wood, leather, and glass can be seen throughout the property. 

      They are specifically known for their Bordeaux reds. Part of the success of these delicious wines is due to the consulting services of French enologist Eric Boissenot, known as “Bordeaux’’s secret weapon.” Eric mostly consults for French vineyards, but he decided to take on one U.S. client, RdV. 

      No unannounced visits are allowed here. Tastings are by appointment only Friday-Sunday from 11-4 pm. You can reserve indoors or outdoors. Our reservation was indoors since we went on a hot summer day. 

      Cost? $70 pp. This is definitely the most expensive wine tasting we have done in Virginia. What do you get for $70? 

      A glass of cuvee Champagne + tasting of RdV Rendezvous + tasting of RdV Lost Mountain + charcuterie 

      Wine tasting at RdV Vineyards in Delaplane Virginia

      Wine tasting at RdV Vineyards in Delaplane, Virginia

      For another $50 pp, you can select the “Elevation Wine Experience” to have a glass of wine from Napa and Bordeaux to compare to RdV. We did not do this experience, but we did order a few more glasses of wine from their curated list. 

      Our reservation was at 3:15 pm, and the winery closes at 5 pm. 90-minute experience. 

      Worth it? I would say this is a fun experience to do once to taste some of the best wine Virginia has to offer.


      Fazio Farms Rabbit Roulade at Three Blacksmiths in Sperryville

      Fazio Farms Rabbit Roulade at Three Blacksmiths in Sperryville

      While we were at RdV Vineyards, we met the previous pastry chef from the Inn at Little Washington. She let us in on a little secret. One of the lesser-known foodie gems was only 8 minutes from The Inn. 

      If you really want to make it a blow-out foodie weekend, make reservations at Three Blacksmiths in Sperryville. You will need 203 days in advance to book. Good luck. 

      It’s worth the wait. We dine there every year now and make a weekend of it if that tells you anything. 


      Premium whisky tasting  at Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville Virginia

      Premium whisky tasting at Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, Virginia

      Great whisky can be produced in places other than Kentucky. And Virginia has several worth checking out. You may be familiar with the famous award-winning A. Smith Bowman Distillery in Fredericksburg, Virginia’s oldest distillery. But have you heard of Copper Fox Distillery?  

      Located 9 minutes away from The Inn in the mountain town of Sperryville, Copper Fox Distillery is housed in an old apple processing plant. The owner, Rick Wasmund, gained his whisky-making skills while apprenticing in Scotland. Copper Fox distinguishes itself by being the only distillery to use toasted applewood instead of peat to mature their whisky.

      We swung by for a whisky tasting. The ambiance is a little lacking indoors, so ideally you want to take advantage of the riverside seating. Because of the recent rain though, we had to sit indoors.

      We ordered one premium tasting flight ($15) and a few cocktails. Although I wish it was more than just a few sips, I particularly enjoyed the Ward 8 cocktail. This refreshing drink is made of Copper Fox Original Rye, house-made Elderberry grenadine, fresh blood orange, lemon juice, Antica Vermouth, and house bitters.  

      My husband enjoyed the classic Old-Fashioned, which was made using Copper Fox Original Rye, simple syrup, house-made bitters, Amarena Cherry, and orange garnish. Cocktails are on the smaller side and will range from $8-$14.

      We purchased a bottle of the Copper Fox Original Rye and then made the short drive back to our hotel, The White Moose Inn. Then it was time to get ready for our exciting celebratory dinner at The Inn! 

      * By the way, The White Moose Inn does serve Copper Fox Single Malt Whisky during happy hour if you do not have time to make it to the distillery. 


      Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

      Chasing waterfalls at White Oak Canyon Trail 

      Before we stuffed our faces all night, we got a good workout in before our reservation. 

      If you love the outdoors and do not mind sweating it out, check out the White Oak Canyon hike. The trailhead is located about 50 minutes from Washington and is well worth a trip. 

      The trail runs alongside the Robinson River and takes you past a series of 6 waterfalls. When we went, it was super humid and hot. We saw a lot of people cooling off and swimming in the pools created by the waterfalls. 

      You can make this out and back hike easy or hard. 

      Final Thoughts on The Inn at Little Washington Restaurant

      We have enjoyed some amazing food during our travel including Sawada in Japan, Maido in Peru, Hisa Franko in Slovenia, and The Test Kitchen in Cape Town. Now we can put The Inn at Little Washington up there with these incredible foodie experiences! Enjoy it, stay the night, and take in the surrounding sights. 

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      Questions about our dining experience?

      Let me know in the comments below!


      1. Susan Mccormack

        How does $265 plus us $28 plus $225 add up to $1036
        Especially if gratuity is included

        • Nichole

          Great question. It’s $265 pp (per person). $265 x 2 people = $530. $530 + $28 + $253 = $811. On our bill, the food & beverage tax + tip was already included, which came to $1036.50. I’ve taken out the pp abbreviation to make it less confusing.


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