Tahiti to Moorea Ferry: 6 Things to Know for Seamless Travel

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Going to Moorea? Fantastic choice! Moorea is one of our favorite French Polynesia islands! It offers plenty of fun things to do to fill your itinerary for weeks. There are two ways to get there. One is the ferry, which is a fun and affordable experience. Discover the 6 things to know to make your ferry experience easy breezy.

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01- How to Get to the Ferry Dock

Tahiti Ferry Terminal as seen from an Air Tahiti Plane

Tahiti Ferry Terminal as seen from our Air Tahiti flight from Rangiroa

Once you land at Faa’a International Airport, walk outside and cross the street at the crosswalk to the next sidewalk. 

Walk to the right down to the taxi stand for the next available taxi. See the map below.

Finding a taxi at Faa'a International Airport

Finding a taxi at Faa’a International Airport

We landed at 12:50 pm on a plane from Rangiroa and were in a taxi at 1:04 pm according to my iPhone timestamp on my photos

That’s the fastest I have ever deboarded a plane and been on my way to a destination! 

The cost of the taxi was around 2300 xpf ($20 USD) to get to the Tahiti Ferry Terminal. Cash only. Our taxi was super friendly and spoke English.

Your taxi driver will ask you which ferry you are taking. If you haven’t booked your ferry ticket already, it helps to know which companies are available and the ferry times. That way the taxi driver knows which station to drop you off at.

There are four lanes at the Tahiti Ferry Terminal labeled 1-4, each number corresponding to a ferry company.

We were taking the Aremiti Express Ferry, so we were dropped off in lane 4. This lane is farthest to the left when you are facing the Tahiti Ferry Terminal.

Our taxi ride was 15 minutes.

02- Tahiti to Moorea Ferry Schedule 

Tahiti to Moorea Aremiti Ferry Schedule

Tahiti to Moorea Aremiti Express Ferry Schedule

There are two main passenger ferry companies: Terevau Ferry (can’t miss the big red ferry!) and Aremiti Express Ferry. Their ferry schedules from Tahiti to Moorea can be found below (always check the official website for current schedules):

We took the Aremiti Express and had a great experience!

03- How to Buy Ferry Tickets

Buying a ferry ticket from Aremiti

Buying a ferry ticket for Aremiti Express

You can buy the tickets in two ways;

  1. Online for Terevau and Aremiti
  2. Same day at the ticketing station at the ferry dock

My husband and I were flying in from another French Polynesian island, Rangiroa.

We decided to hold off on buying our ferry tickets in advance because we weren’t quite sure how long it would take to get our bags after we landed and taxi to the ferry dock.

Buying tickets the same day at the ferry terminal was a breeze.

04- Airplane Ticket vs. Ferry Price to Moorea

Aremiti Express Ferry

Aremiti Express Ferry

Here’s a quick price comparison between a one-way Tahiti to Moorea airline ticket and a ferry ticket:

  • A one-way ferry ticket from Tahiti to Moorea with Aremiti costs 2030 xpf ($18 USD).
  • A one-way ferry ticket from Tahiti to Moorea with Terevau costs 1350 xpf ($12 USD).
  • A one-way plane ticket from Tahiti to Moorea with Air Tahiti costs around 6700 xpf ($60 USD).

Clearly, the ferry ticket is cheaper!

05- Passenger vs. Car Ferry

Cars getting ready to get on to the Aremiti Express Ferry

Cars getting ready to get on to the Aremiti Express Ferry

Aremiti and Terevau also offer the option of driving your rental car from Tahiti to Moorea. We did not do this, but it is an option.

I heard you should buy tickets in advance though if you go with the car ferry option since there are only so many car slots.

06- The Moorea Ferry Experience

I was surprised at how relaxed and smooth our ferry experience went! I wish more of our travel was this easy!

Once we paid for our tickets, we loaded our luggage on the cart next to the ticketing station. Then we walked up the stairs to wait for departure.

Walking upstairs at the Tahiti Ferry Terminal

The upstairs level of the Tahiti Ferry Terminal 

There is a central area with plenty of seating that offers food and drinks. Here is the menu:

The Tahiti Ferry Terminal Menu

The Tahiti Ferry Terminal Food & Drink Menu

In addition, there are specific open-air waiting areas for each ferry service. The Aremeti Express lounge area opened up about 20 minutes prior to our departure.

Prior to entry to the lounge area, the attendant scanned our tickets.

Our safari ranger and tracker at Lion Sands River Lodge

Scanning our Aremiti ticket prior to departure 

Then we relaxed in the shaded lounge area. When it was time, we walked along the walkway to hop on the ferry.

Aremiti Express Lounge Area

Aremiti Express Lounge Area

The ferry had plenty of room to spread out with seating on both sides. We veered left, which was next to the food and drink station.

Inside the Aremiti Express Ferry

Inside the Aremiti Express Ferry

Before the ferry departed (and it left right on time!), my hubby grabbed a ham & cheese baguette and a beer.

Nice snack because it was going to be awhile before dinner. Bathrooms are on board.

Our safari ranger and tracker at Lion Sands River Lodge

Having a baguette and beer on the Aremiti Express to Moorea

There’s also a rooftop with additional seating. Make sure you have your sunscreen and hat if you choose that section. There’s no shade.

Gorgeous views though as the ferry moved closer and closer to Moorea!

Upstairs seating on Aremiti Express Ferry

Upstairs seating on Aremiti Express Ferry

The ferry ride was smooth and uneventful and only took about 30 minutes!

Moorea Ferry Terminal

Moorea Ferry Terminal

We rented a car with Albert Transport (highly recommend them!) in Moorea. They met us at the Moorea Ferry Terminal and drove us 12 minutes to their headquarters to pick up our car.


Final Thoughts

The Moorea ferry was a fun experience! Affordable, quick, and easy. You could fly but taking the ferry was much more enjoyable. I hope this mini guide helps in answering any questions you may have on how the ferry process works.

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