Isaac Bay St Croix Hiking Guide: Work Off Those Rum Punches

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I love great food. When I go to a new place, I love discovering more about the culture through the local cuisine. To make sure my waistline stays in check from all this food discovery, all the vacations my husband and I plan involve getting outdoors. Hiking, biking, and snorkeling are our favorites! Isaac Bay St. Croix checks off two of those boxes. Read on to find out what to expect from this beautiful coastal hike that ends in a refreshing snorkeling adventure. It’s one of our top things to do in St. Croix!

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Quick Overview of Hike

  • Hiking time: 2 hours (1.5 hours for the roundtrip hike + 20-30 minutes for snorkeling)
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Where to Park

When looking at a map of St. Croix, Isaac Bay is located at the far eastern end of the island. It is quite remote.

Right before you get to Point Udall, there is a small parking lot on the righthand side.

There are not many parking spaces, so get there early.  

Parking lot for Jack and Isaac Bay St Croix

Parking lot for Jack and Isaac Bay St. Croix

PRO TIPWhen you park your car in the small lot, leave the doors unlocked, don’t leave anything in the car, and keep the windows cracked. You are in an isolated location, and car break-ins can occur.

Beginning of the Isaac Bay trailhead in St Croix USVI

Jack and Isaac Bay Trailhead starts right next to the small parking lot.

Map of Isaac Bay St. Croix

Jack and Isaac Bay St Croix Hike Map

Jack and Isaac Bay Hike Map

Step-By-Step Hiking Experience 

The first beach you pass by is called East End Bay.

Admire the coastline but keep walking because you are not there yet. You will notice a lot of low-lying shrubbery and cacti as you round the bend and see Isaac Bay in the distance.

Hiking past East End Bay on St Croix

Hiking past East End Bay on St Croix

Hiking past cacti on Isaac Bay St Croix

Hiking past cacti on our way to Isaac Bay

A little farther brings you to a wooden platform and stairs leading to Isaac Bay beach. The beach is gorgeous! Soft white sand and turquoise waters beckon you down those steps.

Wooden stairs down to Isaac Bay in St Croix USVI

Wooden stairs leading to Isaac Bay

At the end of the stairs, we turned left and found a little cove to put our stuff in while we snorkeled.

Isaac Bay Beach in St Croix

Isaac Bay Beach, St. Croix

A shaded cove on Isaac Bay Beach in St Croix

Walk to the left and find this shaded cove on Isaac Bay. Perfect place for your gear!

Total hiking time to Isaac Bay: 20 minutes

Isaac Bay St. Croix Snorkeling

If the current is rough, do NOT snorkel. Do not overestimate your swimming ability.

I wore a snorkel vest because the wind had picked up, which made snorkeling tough on the day we went.

We snorkeled starting on the left, and the current pushed us to the right. Not the most ideal conditions, but we were still able to see some beautiful tropical fish and a lobster!

Sergeant major at Isaac Bay St Croix USVI

Sergeant major at Isaac Bay

Lobster spotting while snorkeling at Isaac Bay in St Croix USVI

Lobster spotting while snorkeling at Isaac Bay in St. Croix

If you love snorkeling, check out my 5 Top St Croix Snorkeling Sites.

After your snorkeling adventure, you can choose to hang out at the beach or push on to check out the second neighboring location, Jack Bay.

Although we did not see any, Isaac and Jack Bay are home to nesting sea turtles during certain times of the year (normally July- October).

Sea Turtle nesting at Jack Bay in St Croix

Sea turtle nesting at Jack Bay, St. Croix

Bonus Hike: Jack Bay

My husband jokes that I always want to do “all the things” when we go somewhere new.

Of course, I had to check out Jack Bay too.

After we finished up in Isaac Bay, we followed the trail signs and hiked another 20 minutes to Jack Bay. We started our hike at 11 am. Do not be like us; start early! It was so hot.

Jack Bay hike in St Croix

Jack Bay hike in St. Croix

There was one part that got a little confusing on the way to Jack Bay.

When you reach this signpost (see below), follow the sign to Horseshoe Bay which will take you to Jack Bay.

Jack Bay hike in St Croix

Jack Bay hike in St Croix

Walk along the sandy path under some shrub cover for a short period of time before popping out on the other side to the beautiful Jack Bay!

Walking through the shrub cover to get to Jack Bay St Croix

Walking through the shrub cover to get to Jack Bay, St. Croix

Jack Bay Beach in St Croix

Jack Bay Beach in St. Croix USVI

Although the water looked incredibly inviting to get a little more snorkeling in, we were just too tired.

FYI, snorkeling at Isaac Bay is supposed to be better than Jack Bay. The sun was starting to get to us, so we made the trek back.

What to See Near Isaac Bay St. Croix



Point Udall in St Croix

Millennium Monument at Point Udall in St. Croix

Since you are already on this side of the island, drive another minute down the road to check out Point Udall.

Point Udall is the easternmost part of the island and is designated by the Millennium Monument, which is a giant sundial.



Ziggy's Famous Cubano in St Croix

Ziggy’s Famous Cubano

By now, you would have worked up quite the appetite. Grab some lunch at the local favorite, Ziggy’s Island Market.

Do not let the location throw you off when you pull into a gas station.

This popular lunch place is known for its rotis and curries. The staff was still making up a fresh batch of curry that was not going to be ready for a few hours, so we opted instead for Ziggy’s Famous Cubano.

Ziggy’s also has a bar that serves affordable beer and plenty of outdoor seating.

What to Bring



There are no amenities. The hike is completely exposed to the sun, and it gets hot! Start the hike early, so you are not hiking in the mid-day sun. Stay hydrated and bring your water bottle



It is dusty and a little rocky, so you will want good footwear.



If you are planning to snorkel, throw that snorkel gear in a little hiking bag.

Final Thoughts

The Jack & Isaac Bay St Croix hike offers some beautiful coastline to check out from the land and sea.

The trek is fairly easy but go early to find parking and to beat some of the mid-day sun. It is certainly worth checking out and should be a part of your St. Croix Itinerary.  

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