Mount Eagle St. Croix Hike: Little Effort. Big Reward.

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It was Christmas Day. My husband and I had just eaten an amazing homemade breakfast of an egg biscuit, hash browns, a cinnamon bun, and some sparkling wine. I wanted to get in a little exercise before relaxing poolside for the rest of the day. The Mount Eagle St. Croix hike was the perfect solution for getting the heart pumping and taking in some incredible views! It can be confusing to find the trailhead, so read on to find out how to get there and what to expect. 

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Quick Overview of Hike

  • Hiking time: 1 hr. 10 min. (40 minutes up and 30 minutes back)
  • Difficulty: easy

Mount Eagle is the highest mountain in St. Croix. The trail was wide, easy to follow, and offered a fair amount of shade. It had recently rained when we went, so there were a few muddy sections. Wear hiking shoes. I love my trail runners for this kind of hike.

We incorporated this hike towards the end of our 8 day St Croix itinerary.

How to Find the Trailhead 

How to get to the Mt. Eagle trailhead in St Croix USVI

Map of Mount Eagle St. Croix hike

1. Use Rowdy Joe’s as your starting point. If you are at Rowdy Joe’s, turn right on Hwy 73.

2. Eventually, Hwy 73 will T-bone into Scenic Rt 78. Turn right on Scenic Rt 78 (more of a gravel road now, not as well paved)

** Continue to refer to the map above for reference. 

Direction to Mt Eagle hike in St Croix

Turn right on Scenic Rt 78

3. There will be another junction point where you choose to stay left on the main road or go up another road to the right.

Stay left.

Mt Eagle directions in St Croix

Stay left at the next junction

4. The road now is basically a 1-way road.

I held my breath during this part that no one else would be coming from the opposite direction.

One way road to Mt Eagle hike in St Croix

One way road to Mt. Eagle hike in St. Croix

5. Eventually you will reach a wide circular grassy area to park your car. When we went, we were the only ones there.

6. After you park the car up on the left, walk on the road to the right.

7. Shortly after walking along the road/grassy trail, you will see the trail veer off to the right. Hike right. This is the start of the Mount Eagle trail. 

Wide grassy parking lot for Mt Eagle hike in St Croix

Park on the left. Trail starts on the right.

Mt Eagle hiking guide in St Croix

At the next junctional point, hike to the right.

Step-By-Step Hiking Experience

When we went, it had recently rained. The start of the trail was a little muddy. Wear good shoes!

Muddy trail on Mount Eagle St Croix hike

Muddy trail on Mount Eagle St. Croix hike

Mt Eagle hike in St Croix

Lots of sections of shade on the Mount Eagle St. Croix hike

Along our hike, we came across this unusual-looking fruit that I had to look up later.

It is called soursop. It has a green prickly outside and a creamy white interior that supposedly tastes like a cross between a pineapple, mango, and a little citrus. Others state they can pick up flavors of apple and banana.

I have never tasted it but can’t wait to try it. People enjoy it raw (don’t eat the seeds though), or have it in tropical drinks, smoothies, and juices.

Soursop on the Mt Eagle hike in St Croix

We came across soursop (green prickly fruit) on the Mt. Eagle hike

30-40 minutes later you will come to a large rocky outcropping to soak in all those views.

Little effort, big reward!

Panoramic views from Mt Eagle in St Croix

Panoramic views from Mt Eagle in St Croix

On the rocky outcropping at Mt Eagle in St Croix

On the rocky outcropping at Mt. Eagle in St Croix

Final Thoughts

We stayed in Cane Bay (highly recommend!) during our St Croix vacation, so it only took us about 20 minutes to get to the trailhead.

This was an easy hike to get some great exercise and have a big payoff at the end by taking in those spectacular panoramic views. You can get a quick hike in the morning and have plenty of time in the afternoon to do another activity. If you are looking for more activities, check out my Top 13 Things to Do in St Croix.

If you love hiking, another great hike to check out in St Croix is Jack & Isaac Bay.

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