Wayaka 2 Bonaire Snorkeling Guide [Rated + Reviewed]

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Love snorkeling? You are in the right place. My husband and I travel the world for “snorkations,” and Bonaire is one of our favorites in the Caribbean! There are many fantastic snorkeling sites to explore on the island from Klein Bonaire to the west, Lac Bay to the east, and Salt Pier to the south. The north also has some exceptional sites like 1000 Steps, Karpata, and of course Wayaka 2! Let’s delve into what makes this site special in my ultimate snorkeling guide.

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Wayaka 2 Bonaire Snorkeling

Wayaka 2 Beach

Wayaka 2 beach in Bonaire


RATING: 🤿 🤿 🤿



Signs leading to Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

Signs leading to Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

Wayaka 2 is located in the Washington Slagbaai National Park. Plan for a full day, and read these 9 things to know before you go!

It takes about 30 minutes to get to the park’s visitor center from downtown Kralendijk. Then allot another 45-ish minutes to drive on the very bumpy roads through the park to get to Wayaka 2.

The journey itself is an adventure!

A Map of How to Get to Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

A map of how to get to Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

There is a Wayaka 1, 2, and 3. We first stopped at Wayaka 1, but there’s not a great place to enter for snorkeling.

Entrance to Wayaka 1 in Bonaire

Entrance to Wayaka 1 in Bonaire

Park at Wayaka 2, and then you can snorkel up to Wayaka 1 and down to Wakaya 3 to explore all the “Wayakas.”

There is plenty of parking at Wayaka 2, but the lot fills up quickly. Wayaka 2 is a popular spot for snorkelers!



A Map of Where to Snorkel at Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

A map of where to snorkel at Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

The snorkeling here is very shallow, which is great because you can get up close and personal with all the beautiful fish.

Because it is shallow, you cannot snorkel over the reef. The reef will guide your snorkeling path because you will need to snorkel around it.

We snorkeled straight out from the beach (away from where all the other snorkelers cluster up) and then went right (north) to Wayaka 1 and then snorkeled back down (south) to Wayaka 3. 



Stairs leading down to Wayaka 2

Stairs leading down to Wayaka 2 Beach

Wakaya 2 is one of my favorite snorkeling beaches in Bonaire.

The sand is super soft, allowing for easy entry and exit from the beach. Make sure to leave your flip-flops/towel high up on the rocks, otherwise, those waves will wash them away.

Wayaka 2 rocky outcroppings

Rocky outcroppings on Wayaka 2 (keep your stuff high up on the rocks)

Make sure to bring your own snorkeling gear.

The right fitted gear makes a huge difference in your underwater experience.



Expect lots of fish soup at Wayaka 2.

We encountered multiple big schools of blue tang. There were also quite a few parrotfish, which you could hear a mile away with their loud chomping on the coral. Other fish we saw were French angelfish, a few Bermuda chubs, and sergeant majors.

A really cool discovery was a batwing coral crab! Actually, my husband found it. I would have never seen it tucked in the lettuce coral from such a distance. He’s like my own personal snorkeling guide, always finding the little sea creatures tucked into the crevices.

Two turtles battling it out on the reef shelf at 1000 Steps in Bonaire

Massive school of blue tang at Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

Gorgeous parrotfish at Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

Beautiful parrotfish at Wayaka 2

Peacock flounder blending into the sea floor at Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

Peacock flounder blending into the sea floor at Wayaka 2

French angelfish at Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

French angelfish at Wayaka 2

Batwing coral crab at Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

Batwing coral crab at Wayaka 2 

Snorkeling with a large school of blue tang at Wayaka 2

Snorkeling with a large school of blue tang at Wayaka 2

So many blue tang at Wayaka 2 in Bonaire

Lots of fish soup (schools of blue tang) at Wayaka 2

Final Thoughts

A day at Washington Slagbaai National Park is one of my top things to do in Bonaire, and snorkeling at Wayaka 2 during your visit is a must!

Beautiful soft beach, easy entry, and lots of fish soup = a perfect day in Bonaire. Happy snorkeling!

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