Tori’s Reef Bonaire Snorkeling Guide [Rated + Reviewed]

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We love snorkeling, so naturally we love Bonaire! This small island is one of the best places to snorkel in the Caribbean. Some of the top snorkel spots are located on the southern end of the island including Angel City, Salt Pier, and Red Beryl. Another solid favorite is Tori’s Reef Bonaire. Let’s chat about how to get there, where to snorkel, and what cool fish and sea life you might see.

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Tori’s Reef Bonaire Snorkeling

Tori's Reef Beach in Bonaire

Tori’s Reef Beach in Bonaire


RATING: 🤿 🤿 🤿 🤿



How to get to Tori's Reef in Bonaire

How to get to Tori’s Reef in Bonaire

Tori’s Reef is easy to get to. It’s about 15 minutes south of Kralendijk right off the main highway past the Salt Pier.

You will pass two small red and white bridges. Tori’s Reef is at the second bridge, marked by yellow painted stones.

Parking is on the right-hand side along the beach on either side of that second bridge. There are plenty of spaces.



A map of where to snorkel at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

A map of where to snorkel at Tori’s Reef in Bonaire

We found the most interesting sea life was along the reef shelf running north up the coast towards The Rock.

Enter the water and snorkel to the right. We exited at an area known as The Rock.

My in-laws kindly picked us up, so we didn’t have to swim back towards our starting point.



Entrance to Tori's Reef Beach in Bonaire

Entry to Tori’s Reef Beach in Bonaire

The bridge sits across a drainage channel that runs from the salt pond to the ocean. Enter at this channel along the flat rocks. Once you get in the water, the bottom is sandy.

Always wear dive booties with your snorkeling fins to avoid unhappy toes.

Then snorkel towards the ocean and head right. 



One incredibly unique spotting was a LARGE black grouper.

Being small-framed, I could tell he was sizing me up as he turned and swam in my direction. My body probably was the perfect fit for his mouth. Luckily, he changed his mind and found another fish, haha.

We saw him in the depths below us when we were snorkeling the back reef. The photo does not do his size justice. Pretty cool to see as a snorkeler!

Our Tori’s Reef fish spottings included the following:

→   A barracuda

→   White-spotted tilefish

→   School of bar jacks

→   Porcupinefish

→   Juvenile yellowtail damselfish

→   Banded butterflyfish

→   French grunt

→   Blue tang

→   Parrotfish

→   French angelfish

→   Palometas

→   Needlefish

→   Trumpetfish

→   Sergeant majors

Fantastic variety!

Oh, and we spotted (rather my husband spotted) lots of eels! We saw a spotted moray eel, a chainlink eel, AND a green moray eel. The green moray eel was a big boy! He was clearly a good hunter.

Coral sightings included brain, lettuce, and staghorn.

Juvenile yellowtail damselfish at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

Juvenile yellowtail damselfish at Tori’s Reef in Bonaire

Large black grouper at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

Large black grouper at Tori’s Reef

Spotted moray eel at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

Spotted moray eel 

Porcupinefish at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

Porcupinefish at Tori’s Reef 

Blue tang at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

Blue tang 

A large green moray eel at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

Green moray eel at Tori’s Reef

Beautiful parrotfish at Tori's Reef in Bonaire


School of palometas at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

School of palometas 

Body of a chainlink eel at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

Body of a chainlink eel at Tori’s Reef … its head was hiding! 

Fish nursery at Tori's Reef in Bonaire

Fish nursery at Tori’s Reef … so many baby fish! 

Final Thoughts

Snorkeling by far is my #1 absolute favorite thing to do in Bonaire.

There are so many fantastic sights including Washington Slagbaai National Park in the north, Lac Bay in the east, and Klein Bonaire in the west. The southern end of the island has some of the best spots though, and Tori’s Reef is one of them! 

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