Saba Spice: The Incredibly Addictive Drink I Continue to Crave

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If you have been to the tiny little Caribbean Island called Saba, you may have heard of the mysterious rum Saba Spice. What is it? How do you drink it? Where can you sample it? I had so many questions. I love trying out the food and drink unique to a place, so I searched for this distinctive liquor. Here is my account.

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What is Saba Spice 

Saba Spice is a spiced rum. Rum is made from sugar, which can be pure cane sugar, a syrup, or molasses.

There are several subcategories of rum. One is flavored rum aka spiced rum, which is made by adding fruits and/or spices. This process is similar to how juniper and botanicals are added to gin.

Islanders have been making spiced rum for centuries, but the Captain Morgan Rum brand made it popular.

Every Caribbean Island has its own unique recipe. For example, the Dominican Republic is known for the mamajuana, which is a spiced rum made from tree bark, Dominican herbs, red wine, and honey.

Most families on each island then add their own spin to their spiced rum recipe.

Spices that can be used are ginger, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, vanilla, cardamom, and clove. Fruit extracts can also be infused such as coconut, banana, pineapple, mango, and orange peel. The spices give the spiced rum its dark color.

The families on Saba keep their Saba Spice recipe a secret, but I believe the spices used are cinnamon, clove, and fennel.

I’m usually not a licorice fan. But I really enjoyed the hint of black licorice the fennel gave the Saba Spice. It’s different but quite addictive.

Where to Try Saba Spice 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Sipping spiced rum at The Hideaway

I had the pleasure of trying out this special liquor at two places.

One was Queen’s Garden Resort (see our full review here). We had a lovely dinner in the Bird’s Nest and then enjoyed Saba Spice as an after-dinner digestif.

I believe most locals enjoy it over ice, but we had it neat. Great way to end a meal!

The second place was at the restaurant The Hideaway in Windwardside.

I love having port after dinner, and Saba Spice is a great alternative. It had a distinct licorice flavor both times I tried it, so I’m assuming fennel is the featured spice. Delicious!

Where to Purchase Saba Spice 

Everyt’ings in Windwardside in Saba

Everyt’ings in Windwardside in Saba

There is a souvenir shop called Everyt’ings in Windwardside that sells local Saba Spice.

Unfortunately, they were closed when we stopped by, so we never had a chance to pick up a bottle. I guess that gives me yet another reason to come back to Saba!

Final Thoughts 

I love experiencing a destination through its food and drink. Saba Spice is part of Caribbean culture, and it was fun to try a local’s house recipe. I just wish I was able to bring a bottle home with me because now I will be craving that unique flavor!

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Have you tried this type of spiced rum? Any other thoughts on what’s in the secret house recipe?

Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Mark barrett

    I have been to Saba if your agile enough you can climb up the stephan to the capital.of Hells hole

    • Mark

      There is a dockage on the North side of the Island. And a shuttle into Hells Hole. Please try some Saba spice. You will wish you will wish you had bought some home

      • Nichole

        Yes, love Saba spice. Very unique flavor. We tried it at a few restaurants. The only place I found that sold it was the Everyt’ings store, but it was closed when we stopped by. Next time!

  2. Jim

    Saba – what a neat place! I brought home a bottle of Saba Spice many years ago. It was opened then, but somehow only enjoyed infrequently since then. It still looks and smells wonderful, but I wonder if it’s still ok to drink?

    • Nichole

      Yes, Saba really is a unique place! My understanding is if rum is stored properly (cool dry place away from heat/sunlight), its shelf life is indefinite. However, it loses its taste/flavor over time once it’s opened. Spiced/flavored rum loses its flavor even faster as compared to pure rum.

      If you opened Saba Spice a few years ago and it was stored properly, it shouldn’t be unsafe to drink but it may not taste quite the same. If you end up trying it again, let me know how it held up. I’m curious.

  3. M McKee

    I just checked on a bottle that I’v had for 19 years. It was opened but stored properly. Still tastes great. Might be a little lighter but not much. Delicious after 19 years.

    • Nichole

      Wow, 19 years! Good to know! I was curious how long it would hold up. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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