Amazing view at the Queens Garden Resort Saba

Queens Garden Resort Saba: Honest Review on What to Really Expect 

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I consider Saba as the Caribbean’s little gem. This tiny volcanic island juts out of the water with dramatic cliffs and breathtaking beauty. Where is the best place to stay to embrace all this natural beauty? Here is an account of our personal experience at Queens Garden Resort Saba to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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The Location + Arrival

Queens Garden Resort Saba is one of the few hotels located high in the hills in an area known as The Bottom. Its location is the reason for those epic views.

Our arrival to Queens Garden Resort Saba was pretty breathtaking. First, we took a little plane from St. Maarten and landed on one of the shortest commercial runways in the world! The pilot came to a screeching halt right before the steep cliff dramatically ended in the sea. We all clapped in appreciation once we landed safely.  

Inside Winair plane at Saba's airport

Inside Winair plane at Saba’s airport

If that was not exhilarating enough, then we took a very steep, windy taxi ride along “The Road Which Couldn’t Be Built.” There are several spots where two cars can’t even pass at once. I’m so glad I wasn’t driving. 
Hiking up the steep road to Troy Hill Trailhead in Saba

“The Road That Couldn’t Be Built” in Saba

Got your adrenaline pumping now? 

Well, get ready for all that wound-up energy to completely disappear.  Once we stepped onto the grounds of the Queen’s Garden, we were instantly relaxed and ready for vacation mode (ok, after we had that gin & tonic we were ready). 

The First Three Impressions

  1. Rustic, reminds me of Kauai. 
  2. Understated with a boutique vibe. 
  3. Epic views over the valley and sea.
Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Epic view from the Queens Garden Resort Saba

The Rooms

With only 10 rooms, this hotel can book up quickly. Each suite = one floor. There are three suite types: luxury (lower floors), superior (middle floors), and the Queen’s Suite (top floor, best view).

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Queen’s Suite at Queens Resort Garden Saba

We stayed in the Queen’s Suite because we wanted those incredible views, and it did not disappoint! The only downside is there are no elevators, so you will be walking up several flights of stairs every time you want to get to your room. Great exercise though. 

When you enter the room, you will first step into the spacious living area decorated with West and East Indies furnishings. The space includes a couch, a desk, and a mini-bar. There is a coffee maker and a selection of tea. Of course, the best feature of the room is the view! 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Living room at Queens Garden Resort Saba

We kept the doors open most of the time to allow those cross breezes to sweep in. The floor is not air-conditioned, which I was worried about at first. Surprisingly, you do not need it. The temperatures are comfortable especially with the cooling breezes. 

I would advise closing the doors at night; otherwise, you may have little friends (various island bugs) join you on vacation. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Living room view from Queens Garden Resort Saba

There is a loft upstairs with two beds, but we had no need for the extra room. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Extra bedroom in Queens Suite at Queens Garden Resort Saba

My second favorite part of our room (besides the views of course!) was the hot tub. You go to Saba for two reasons: amazing diving and hiking! Your legs are going to get sore if you embrace all that outdoor adventure. What better way to soothe those achy muscles than sitting in a hot tub. 

And this hot tub has incredible views!

It faces the village and sea below. We loved soaking after a long hike, sipping on a gin & tonic, and enjoying the setting sun. 

UPDATE: Since my husband and I stayed here, it appears the hot tubs have been taken out of the rooms due to maintenance issues. Bummer, because in my opinion, this feature was one of the selling points of choosing this hotel. 

Enjoying the hot tub at Queen's Garden Resort looking over the valley in Saba

Enjoying the hot tub at Queens Garden Resort looking over the valley in Saba

The bathroom was simple and clean and included a shower, one sink, and a toilet. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Bathroom at Queen’s Suite at Queens Garden Resort Saba

The bedroom in the Queen’s Suite includes a comfortable king bed, which is important in keeping a happy marriage. Great views from the bedroom window.

There is a portable fan in the room. You will need it because the room does get a little hot at night especially if you close the door to keep the bugs out. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

King bed in bedroom in Queen’s suite 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Incredible view from the Queen’s Suite’s bedroom

The Food & Drink

The Queens Garden Resort Saba has both indoor and outdoor dining. Weather permitting eating outside is a must. Remember the whole property basically faces the valley below, so it’s hard to have a bad view no matter where you are. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Outdoor dining area at Queens Garden Resort Saba


Because the hotel is a little isolated high up in the hills, we chose to include the daily breakfast and are so glad we did! We had the pleasure of meeting the very friendly and charming Carolina and her chef husband. Every morning they whipped up a delicious breakfast.

Choices were sweet (pancakes or French toast) or savory (omelette or your choice of two eggs with bacon or ham). My husband and I usually ordered one of each and split. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Pancake breakfast 


We had one dinner here during our stay in the Bird’s Nest. Definitely reserve this experience in advance! This was a fun, romantic way to dine with your loved one suspended high up in the middle of old mango trees. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Dining Table at Bird’s Nest at Queens Garden Resort Saba

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Romantic dinner at the Bird’s Nest 

Here was our tasting menu for the evening: 

Tuna tartar for dinner at Lion Sands River Lodge

Pan seared gambas on puff pastry, beurre blanc, and salmon roe

Butternut risotto for dinner at Lion Sands River Lodge

Saffron lime marinated grouper 

Ostrich fillet for dinner at Lion Sands River Lodge

Lobster ravioli in bisque sauce

Apple crumble for dessert at Lion Sands River Lodge

Beef tenderloin with brandy tarragon sauce


Don’t forget to have drinks at the Ocean Bar & Lounge during happy hour time. They have quite an extensive gin selection, so you can’t go wrong ordering the classic gin & tonic.

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Ocean Bar & Lounge 

Time it right, and you can watch the sun slowly set behind the mountains as you sip on your cocktail. Gotta love island life. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Drinking a gin & tonic at Queens Garden Resort Saba

Duco, the famous bartender in Saba, used to oversee the bar at Queen’s Garden, but now he is at Chez Bubba. So if you want to have a gin & tonic made by the master, make sure to dine at Chez Bubba at least once. 

The Amenities


The hotel has a beautiful large pool overlooking The Bottom with plenty of loungers and umbrellas. Allow at least some time to do nothing but relax poolside. 

Relaxing at the pool at Lion Sands River Lodge

Pool at Queens Resort Garden Resort Saba


There is a spa located on the property that offers Swedish and Thai massages on a private wooden deck with amazing views. You can also relax in the Finnish sauna and a Turkish steam bath.  

I have enjoyed several massage experiences around the world including the Thai massage in Chiang Mai, the in-water massage in Iceland, the Four Hands massage in Cambodia, and the Balinese Traditional massage in the Maldives. Who doesn’t love getting pampered? I wasn’t able to take advantage of these services in Saba while we were there but hope to on our next visit! 


There is a small gym with one treadmill, two bikes, and a cable machine. I can’t image someone wanting to sweat it out in a small gym when you have all these amazing hiking trails around you. To each their own. 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Gym at Queens Garden Resort Saba

The Rates

Rates will vary depending on the time of year. 

Luxury Suite: $255+ 

Superior Suite: $325+

Queen’s Suite: $375+

The Reasons for Choosing This Hotel

#1 Epic views 

There are only a handful of hotels in Saba, and none compare to the views you get at Queen’s Garden Resort! 

On two occasions we were in a taxi with other people. When our taxi pulled up to our hotel and we got out, the other passengers were in awe and expressed how amazing the views were. We definitely picked the right hotel! 

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

View from Queens Garden Resort Saba

#2 Privacy

With only 10 rooms situated high in the hills, you will have plenty of privacy and relaxation. Queen’s Garden is incredibly peaceful. 

#3 Excellent restaurant 

The Queens Garden Resort Saba has one of the top restaurants on the island. It was super convenient to get ready after a long day of hiking, have a pre-dinner cocktail, and saunter over to the table for dinner. I love when there’s no driving involved.

#4 Hot tub 

I love soaking in the hot tub after a good workout. With all the great hiking trails on the island, you will be thankful for a relaxing dip to soothe your tired muscles. 

UPDATE: As discussed previously, note the new owners have sadly removed the hot tubs. 

Other Hotels We Considered 

There was only one other strong contender we considered for our trip to Saba, which was Juliana’s Hotel. Juliana’s is located in Windwardside, where most of the restaurants and shops are located. Their location is super convenient. 

Consider taxi costs when you select your hotel. If you are staying for a longer period of time, you may want to stay at Juliana’s right in town. Otherwise, you will have to pay for a taxi to/from your hotel every time you go out to dinner. 

Juliana’s recently renovated a unit of four rooms called The Captains’ Suites, and they look incredibly inviting. Fresh, bright, contemporary with a nautical theme. All fully air-conditioned. 

Free wine hour from 4-5 pm at their bar, Tipsy Goat. Daily breakfast and transfers to/from airport/ferry are included in the hotel rate. These perks are all extra costs if you stay at the Queen’s Garden. 

There are pros and cons to both Juliana’s Hotel and Queens Garden Resort Saba. We were only in Saba for 3 nights, so we chose privacy and epic views over convenience.

Final Thoughts

Saba, known as “The Unspoiled Queen,” certainly lived up to its reputation. We did some incredible snorkeling with Sea Saba and hiked one of the most beautiful trails on the island.

Staying at the right hotel can really enhance your vacation experience, and Queens Garden Resort did just that. Those sweeping panoramic views will be forever etched into my memory. 

The Queens Suite view at Queens Garden Resort Saba

Amazing view at Queens Garden Resort Saba

Have you been to Saba? Where did you stay?

Let me know in the comments below!


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