Casa Izeba in Mexico City Review: What to Really Expect 

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Selecting the right neighborhood and accommodation in Mexico City posed a challenge for us as first-time visitors. Despite numerous appealing boutique hotels, one property captured our hearts. As a recent addition to the boutique hotel scene, it’s just a matter of time until Casa Izeba gains widespread popularity, making it more challenging to secure a reservation in the future. Read on for a comprehensive review of our experience at this charming boutique hotel.

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The Location + Arrival

After about a 40-minute Uber ride from the airport, we arrived at our home for the next week.

Casa Izeba is located on Colima Street in the neighborhood Roma Norte, which is considered one of the most beautiful streets in Mexico City.

It sits adjacent to one of the HOTTEST bakeries in the city, Panadería Rosetta. This bakery is hopping at all times of the day, with lines wrapping around the street. Later on, I’ll share a secret that allows you to bypass these crazy queues!

Once we arrived, we rang the buzzer and entered our oasis.

The First Three Impressions

Sitting area at Casa Izeba

Sitting area at Casa Izeba

1. Gorgeous architecture with beautiful crown moldings

2. Warm and inviting with large glass windows allowing plenty of natural light

3. Historic yet modern and artsy with little pops of color

The Rooms

Climbing the staircase to Master Suite 1 at Casa Izeba

Climbing the staircase to our Master Suite at Casa Izeba

Casa Izeba is a small boutique hotel with only 8 rooms. It felt like we were staying in our private townhome. We rarely saw other guests.

My husband and I stayed on the third floor in a beautiful room that opened up to a large balcony. You will need to navigate several flights of stairs, but just think, that means you can eat more tacos.

As you climb the stairs, you’ll notice beautiful artwork from local artists decorate the walls.

The Master Suite 1 at Casa Izeba in Mexico City

Master Suite

I loved our room.

As you enter, your eye will be immediately drawn to the very large floor-to-ceiling windows that lead to a balcony sheltered by mature trees. It felt very private despite the busy street below.

Enjoying our balcony on Master Suite 1 at Casa Izeba

Roomy private balcony

We enjoyed a few evenings on our personal balcony, sipping on local Mexican wine for happy hour before a night of exploring.

Casa Izeba Master Suite 1

Master Suite

The king size bed and chair are adorned with beautiful neutral and colorful textiles from the local Mexican company, Aponte Textiles. 

There is a flat screen TV located in the corner of the room for relaxing in bed in the evening. My husband would laugh at that statement. Relaxing? What’s that? Lol, I tend to jam pack our itineraries with “all the things” because I want to experience it all. 

By the way, the air conditioning works great, not that we needed it much since it was slightly cool while we were there. Important to know though if you are vacationing in the summer.

Bathroom in Master Suite 1 at Casa Izeba

Roomy bathroom 

The spacious bathroom offers ample counter space for your toiletries. I always bring my trusty travel Revlon hair dryer, but just ask if you need a hair dryer.

Shower in Master Suite 1 at Casa Izeba

Large shower

The shower is large, giving you room to maneuver. While the water pressure may not be the strongest, hot water is abundant, ensuring a pleasant start to your morning.

Laguna Cyprien bathcare products

Laguna Cyprien bathcare products

I appreciate the way they integrate local Mexican items, including the delightfully scented body care products from Laguna Cyprien. 

Maybe that’s why the hotel always smelled so good.

Coffee and water station at Casa Izeba

Coffee and water station at Casa Izeba

If you need more filtered water (which you will after enjoying all those top cocktail bars) or an afternoon coffee for a pick-me-up, there is a station that provides these beverages on the second floor.

The Food & Drink



Breakfast Room at Casa Izeba

Breakfast area at Casa Izeba

Let’s chat about one of my favorite things about this charming boutique hotel … the famous breakfast.

I am going to share the secret I was referring to earlier.

If you stay at Casa Izeba, breakfast includes the delicious pastries from Panadería Rosetta next door.

Long lines at Panadería Rosetta

This would be you waiting for your delicious pastry if you didn’t stay at Casa Izeba

Yes, that’s right. You bypass that LONG line of locals and tourists outdoors waiting to taste these famous treats. In our tranquil retreat, we savored some of the most delectable pastries I’ve ever encountered.

To be completely honest, I had low expectations for Mexican pastries due to my previous encounters with overly dry ones in the United States.

Chef Elena Reygadas, recently recognized as the World’s Best Female Chef in 2023, completely changed my perspective. Her pastries are arguably the most exceptional I have ever tasted worldwide including France (gasp! I know).

They were incredibly moist and practically melted in your mouth, tantalizing every taste bud.

Here are the ones we tried. All were great, but I certainly had my favorites.

The famous Guava Roll at Panadería Rosetta

Guava Roll (my #1 favorite, both sweet and savory due to the guava/cheese combo, super unique!)

Almond roll at Panadería Rosetta

Almond Roll (my second #1 favorite, ah so good and not too sweet)

Corn muffin from Panadería Rosetta

Corn Muffin (I love all things corn … cornbread, corn on the cob, jalepeno corn dip, corn fritters, alright you get the picture. This little corn muffin was delicious and served in a cute little purple corn husk!)

Tarragon roll and corn muffin from Panadería Rosetta

Tarragon Roll which is pictured behind the corn muffin (a uniquely flavored moist roll that makes you crave the second bite)

Enjoying a concha and almond roll from Panadería Rosetta at Casa Izeba

Enjoying a concha and almond roll from Panadería Rosetta at Casa Izeba

We also enjoyed a Cinnamon Roll that reminded me of Christmas morning (sorry, no picture, went down way too quickly) and the soft Mexican sweet bread, the Concha (pictured above).

Here’s another tip.

If you prefer a more savory option, you can order any item from Panadería Rosetta’s menu for an additional fee through the hotel.

For example, before we headed out to the airport on our last day, we ordered two delicious quiches.

In addition to the mouthwatering pastries, there’s also yogurt, granola, and fruit to enjoy in addition to coffee and tea for your caffeine fix. Breakfast is served from 7 – 9 am.

I wish more hotels would include these unique foodie experiences! The Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba is the only other place we’ve encountered such offerings, and it was fantastic.

The Amenities 



Staircase to the rooftop at Casa Izeba

Staircase to the rooftop at Casa Izeba

I am surprised we did not see any guests take advantage of Casa Izeba’s amazing outdoor space.

Climb the staircase to the top, and you’ll be treated to breathtaking city views from the rooftop.

Casa Izeba boasts three distinct outdoor spaces where you can cozy up with your loved one and relish the fresh air.

Upon the recommendation of Regina (who is part of Casa Izeba’s hospitality team), we purchased a fantastic local Mexican wine, Madera 5 Nebbiolo, from the wine shop La Contra Roma.

We then enjoyed it on the rooftop by the reflecting pool while music played softly from the strategically placed speakers.

Outdoor space at Casa Izeba

Outdoor space #1 (my favorite space)

Outdoor space at Casa Izeba

Outdoor space #2 (great if you get some takeout food)

Beautiful outdoor space at Casa Izeba

Outdoor space #3 (super private and cozy)

The Rates

The hotel price is $300 USD and up depending on the room type and time of year.

The Reasons for Choosing This Hotel



A hotel may be aesthetically pleasing, but without excellent staff, it will fall short of expectations.

Casa Izeba exceeded our expectations because of the kind and warm staff.

Regina greeted us every afternoon after a day of sightseeing and checked in to see if we needed anything. She was so helpful giving us great local recommendations.


02- Location!

Most tourists will stay in one of three locations (especially as first-timers): Polanca, Roma Norte, or Condesa.

If you are a foodie but still want quick access to some of the main sights (like the historical center or Chapultepec Park), Roma Norte is the place to be!

Casa Izeba couldn’t be in a better location.


03- Secret Access to Panadería Rosetta

Enough said.

Some of the best pastries in the world without the wait. Savoring that delightful guava roll in the morning, while others stand in lengthy queues to give it a try, makes you feel like a privileged insider.

Other Hotels We Considered 

Other boutique hotels we highly considered were Nima Local House, The Red Tree House, and La Valise.

All are great options too, but ultimately we chose Casa Izeba for all the above reasons.

Final Thoughts

As newcomers to Mexico City, we were unsure of what to anticipate, but we truly fell in love with the people, the cuisine (including all the delicious tacos!), and the culture. Casa Izeba proved to be the ideal accommodation to facilitate all our travel experiences. It exceeded our expectations, leaving us eager for future stays upon our return to Mexico City.

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