4 Best Cape Town Wine Tours According to a Wine Traveler 

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Love wine and want to experience some of South Africa’s best? Visiting these world-class wineries is incredibly accessible. Some of the most famous wine regions are just outside of Cape Town, ranging from 20 to 90 minutes depending on where you want to visit. My husband and I plan quite a few wine vacations, so we’ve been on numerous wine tours. Discover our 4 best Cape Town wine tours (and who to book!) plus the pros and cons of each to help decide which is best for you.

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01- Group Wine Tour

Kanonkop Kadette and Estate Range Wine Tasting in Stellenbosch South Africa

Kanonkop Kadette and Estate Range Wine Tasting in Stellenbosch, South Africa

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to enjoy wine tastings at multiple wineries is a group tour.

We reached out to our hotel, Derwent House Boutique Hotel in Cape Town, to get recommendations on who runs the best group Cape Town Wine Tour.

They steered us towards the highly-rated company, Wine Flies, which focuses on giving an authentic, fun South African experience in the Cape Winelands.

They offer several wine tour options including half-day tours, full-day tours, and gourmet food & wine tasting tours.

With 1200+ 5-star TA reviews, you know you are in good hands.



→   A personal wine expert is there to answer any of your questions.

→   Sometimes you receive special treatment at the winery if they have a relationship with the wine tour company.

→   Enjoy a relaxed environment with no stress of having to drive. 



→   You could end up with a less desirable group (but usually people who book a wine tour are laid-back and enjoyable to be around).

→   There is a specific timetable to keep to, so there is more structure and less flexibility.

→   The wineries are either 1) pre-determined by the company or 2) determined by the group. Often, the group is asked what type of wine they enjoy and then specific wineries are chosen based on those preferences. For example, if you have a group that loves white wine and you only like red wine, then the winery selections may be more geared towards white wine.

→   Basic wine tastings may be the only ones included, and you would have to pay extra for the premium/reserve tastings.

02- Private Wine Tour 

Multi course lunch with wine pairing at Creation Wines

Multi-course lunch with wine pairing at Creation Wines 

If there are specific South Africa wine regions or wineries you want to visit, you may want to consider a private Cape Town Wine Tour.

My husband and I love Pinot Noir and purposely seek out the wine-producing regions of this varietal (Burgundy, Willamette Valley, etc). South Africa also has a little Pinot Noir-producing region called Hemel-en-Aarde Valley.

Not many group tours visit this region. However, we did find an excellent private Cape Town Wine Tour offered by the highly-rated La Rochelle Tours.

For more details on our wine-tasting experience, don’t miss my article below!



→   You receive very personalized service. You can choose the wineries or let the wine experts select them based on your preferences.

→   Complete flexibility. Freedom to change things up on the go.



→   Wine tours are fun because you get to interact with other travelers. On a private tour, you miss out on that connection.

→   A private tour will be more expensive than a group tour.

03- Hop-On/ Hop-Off Wine Bus Tour

Stellenbosch sign

Stellenbosch sign

Two of the most famous South Africa wine regions offer a hop-on and hop-off bus: Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.



Franschhoek has the Wine Tram. There are five different lines to choose from. Each line has specific wineries along the route. You pick which wineries to visit and how long to stay. When you’re ready, hop back on the tram to your next stop!

Make sure to reserve your lunch stop in advance.



Stellenbosch has a similar option called the Vine Hopper. There are 3 different wine routes to choose from, which visit 5-6 wineries. The three routes operate on different days. Hop on and off at any time.

Check prices and dates below:



→   There is complete flexibility. Stay as long as you want at each winery or leave when you want.

→   Relaxed environment with no stress of having to drive.



→   You can only choose from a selected list of wineries, which may not always be your first choice

→   Expect to wait on set times to leave for your next destination. For example, if the tram runs on the hour (12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm) and you happen to finish at 12:15 pm, you will be waiting for 45 minutes to be picked up for the next destination

   There may be some general narration about the history of the towns and vineyards, but there’s no personal wine expert.

04- Self-Guided Wine Tour

Yes, you can do a Cape Town Wine Tour on your own using Uber!

Uber is cheap and available in the Cape Winelands. We did a full day of wine tasting in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek with a fantastic leisurely lunch in between.

Don’t miss our self-guided wine tour itinerary including our favorite restaurant in all of South Africa below.



→   Complete flexibility. Pick where you want to go, and when you want to leave.

→   Uber is available.

→   This is an affordable way to do multiple wine tastings.

→   Offers a relaxed environment with no stress of having to drive.



→   You have to plan your day on your own.

→   There can be delays in getting from place to place if you have to wait on an Uber driver

→   There is no personal wine expert to answer your questions.

Final Thoughts

If you are visiting Cape Town, a visit to the Cape Winelands to sip on South Africa’s exceptional wine is a must.

There are several ways to enjoy this experience. I hope this article helped you to figure out which Cape Town wine tour is best for you.

And if you want to do what we did and make it a fun South Africa wine country getaway, check out my article below.

Happy sipping!

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