Best Snorkel Gear Bag: 2024 Snorkeler’s Review 

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My husband and I do a lot of shore snorkeling across various Caribbean islands such as St. John, St. Croix, Bonaire, Aruba, Saba, and St. Martin/Maarten. Additionally, we have been on snorkeling tours in destinations like the Maldives, Bora Bora, Belize, and the Great Barrier Reef. I mention this to emphasize our extensive experience in testing snorkeling equipment and discerning what proves effective and what doesn’t. When you find yourself hauling all your gear around, the importance of having a reliable snorkel gear bag becomes evident.

Let me save you hours of research. Forget the top 10 list from someone who has never snorkeled. Here is the ONE snorkel gear bag you need to make your back and shoulders happy.

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Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

Using my Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack in Bonaire 

Before I met the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack, I did quite a balancing act to hold all my snorkeling gear together. Fins, booties, mask, and an anti-fog bottle in one hand and my snorkel vest, Ugo waterproof pouch, and GoPro in the other hand.

Half the time I would be dropping items before I even reached the water.

If you enjoy snorkeling regularly, you’ll soon recognize the value of a thoughtfully designed snorkel gear bag.

I experimented with various options. Some were overly spacious and tailored more towards divers. Others seemed to lack durability with flimsy materials, raising doubts about their long-term endurance. Additionally, some had uncomfortable straps that tended to dig into the shoulders.

Then I discovered the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack, an ideal choice for a snorkel gear bag.

Let’s go through the 6 reasons to love this bag.


#1- SIZE

The snorkeling gear I put in the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

My snorkeling gear I put in the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

Like Goldilocks. This bag is not too big. Not too small.

I can comfortably fit my Scubapro GO Travel fins, my snorkel mask, snorkel vest (not pictured but fits inside as well), dive booties, GoPro, and my squirt bottle that contains diluted baby shampoo for anti-fogging my mask.



Mesh material on the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

Mesh material on the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

That polyester mesh material is tough and snag-resistant. Super high-quality. After all, the name “Stahlsac” means “Steel Bag” in German.

I don’t see how anything could rip through this bag besides maybe a great white shark. 😉 Luckily, I don’t plan on encountering them anytime soon unless I’m cage diving (we’ve done that too!).

I also love that the snorkel bag comes in fun colors.

The mesh material allows some of your wet items to air dry, so they don’t get too smelly and gross.

reinforced bottom on the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

Reinforced bottom on the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

The 420 denier nylon packcloth with a reinforced bottom is incredibly durable. Trust me, I’ve thrown this bag down on all kinds of surfaces.

So far, so good.



Padded strap on Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

Well padded strap on Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

Comfort is crucial.

I’ve experimented with both budget-friendly and higher-priced bags, and those with subpar straps tend to dig into my shoulders over time, causing frequent adjustments to my position.

How the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack looks like on a person

Wearing the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack in Bonaire

The Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack has a great padded strap that swings across your body. It hangs very comfortably, even on my 5’2” frame. There’s no weird pulling or digging. 

Comparison of padded straps on a snorkel gear bag

Comparison of padding in the straps on the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack (bottom pink strap) and the Scubapro Sport Mesh 65 (top blue strap)

Just to show you how great the padding is in the Stahlsac strap, take a look at the photo above.

The Scubapro Sport Mesh 65 is a comparable bag but at a higher price point with half the padding, which is demonstrated in the photo.

Clearly, the design of the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack was well thought out.



Drawstring closure on Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

Drawstring closure 

The drawstring closure smoothly moves up and down effortlessly when you press the button.

Unlike zippers, there are no instances of it getting stuck, making it exceptionally easy to access the contents of the bag.



Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack packs well in a suitcase

Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack packs well in a suitcase

The snorkel gear bag packs down well because of its flexible mesh material. I put my fins in the bag first and then lay it down on its side.

Then I stack my mask/snorkel, dive booties, and everything around the bag before I put my clothes in.

I have plenty of room left for my clothes. Perfect size for travel!



Stahlsac stands behind its products and offers a lifetime warranty. Luckily, I haven’t had to put that warranty to the test. 

According to their website: 

“Our guarantee is as functional and straightforward as our products. All Stahlsac products carry a lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. In the unlikely event that a problem arises as a result of a defect in our materials or workmanship, we will promptly repair or replace the item.”

Snorkel Gear Bag Cost 

At < $50, the Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack provides incredible value.

Like you, I wondered are the more expensive bags better?

For example, I tried out a pricier comparable option, the Scubapro Sport Mesh 65. At $80, the value was not there. The mesh was more fine and flimsy and the padded straps felt like nothing was there compared to the Stahlsac.

By the way, I love Scubapro products. I currently use their GO Travel fins. I just don’t care for the design and quality of their snorkel gear bag.

Sometimes a higher price tag gets you a better product (for example, I love my waterproof Ugo). In this case though, the less expensive snorkel gear bag is the winner.

Final Thoughts on Stahlsac BVI Mesh Backpack

This is an excellent snorkel gear bag at a great price point.

Durable, comfortable, and just the right size.

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