Ojstrica Hike: Map + Complete Guide to Lake Bled’s Most Scenic Viewpoint 

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Lake Bled, Slovenia is stunningly beautiful. One of the best ways to view it involves a small hike to an epic viewpoint that stands high above Lake Bled. This viewpoint is called Ojstrica, which means a sharp peak. It does require a little effort, but the payoff is great. This mini-guide will walk you through everything you need to know in hiking this trail.

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Where to Find the Ojstrica Trailhead

The hikes to Osojnica and Ojstrica Viewpoints of Lake Bled in Slovenia

Hikes to Osojnica and Ojstrica Viewpoints of Lake Bled

There are two hills that rise above the western side of Lake Bled: Ojstrica (lower viewpoint) and Osojnica (higher viewpoint).

We hiked to the lower viewpoint, Ojstrica.

Be aware there are 2 different trailheads to access Ojstrica and Osojnica. For the purpose of describing them, I am going to call them Trailhead 1 and Trailhead 2.



As a heads up, Trailhead 1 is not super well marked.

If you look at the map of Lake Bled above, you will see a place called Camping Bled on the southwest section of the lake.

If you are standing in the parking lot of Camping Bled with the lake in front of you, you will turn right (east) and follow the footpath along the lake.

After less than a 10-minute walk (and just before the road curves to the left), you will eventually see an opening across the road with a fencepost with two green signs that state “Velika Osojnica 40 minutes” and Ojstrica 20 minutes.” 

That fence post marks the start of the trailhead.

Turn right at this sign and follow the path through the forest.

Trailhead to Ojstrica Viewpoint of Lake Bled

Trailhead 1

Keep following the signs towards Ojstrica.

Eventually, the trail splits into two paths: one for Mala Osojnica (upper viewpoint) and one for Ojstrica (lower viewpoint).

Turn right for Ojstrica.

The path is steep and rocky and can be pretty muddy when wet (like when we went), so be careful. Because it was so muddy, we decided to forgo the extra 20-minute hike to the higher viewpoint, Osojnica.

Hike to Ojstrica Viewpoint of Lake Bled

Path can be muddy, so be careful.

Once at the top, you are rewarded with jaw-dropping panorama views of Lake Bled. There is a bench at the summit to sit on to soak in those views.

After you enjoy your time at the top, hike back down or make it a loop hike by continuing on to the Osojnica viewpoint.

Ojstrica Viewpoint of Lake Bled

Ojstrica Viewpoint of Lake Bled



The second trailhead is further down the road as you travel east.

Refer back to my map above.

This second trailhead is also marked out with a small fencepost labeled “Mala Osojnica.”

We did not take this trailhead, but I understand this path is even more steep and narrow and involves holding onto a wire rope at one point as you navigate the side of the mountain. You also must climb a long metal staircase.

If you choose this route, you are making this a loop hike.

You hike first to the Osojnica viewpoint and then on to the Ojstrica viewpoint. Afterward, you hike back down to your starting point.

Where to Park

You can drive and park at Camping Bled and walk a short distance to the trailhead.

Alternatively, you can stay at a hotel right at Lake Bled as we did. We just walked (or you could bike) along the well-maintained path along Lake Bled to the trailhead.

If you are still looking for a hotel, I can strongly recommend Penzion Berc.

Excellent service and they have one of the top-rated restaurants in Lake Bled.

Hiking Time

Our hike to Ojstrica took about 1-hour roundtrip including the time it took to take a few photos.

Osojnica vs. Ojstrica: Which is Better

Personal preference.

I cannot comment since due to the muddy conditions, we did not continue on to the Osojnica viewpoint.

However, I did read a fair amount of other people’s reviews and looked at photos people posted from both viewpoints. Here is what I found:

Some prefer Ojstrica because it offers a closer unobtrusive view of the island and has a more interesting rocky outcrop.

Others prefer Osojnica (only if you access this viewpoint via trailhead 2 which involves the wire rope and steep metal staircase) because you are awarded views of the lake as you make the trek up (instead of hiking mostly in the forest which is how the 1st trailhead takes you).

Or just hike to both viewpoints if the weather is cooperating and decide for yourself.

Some will also take Trailhead 2 up and Trailhead 1 down to make a loop and take full advantage of both viewpoints.

What to Bring



Leave the flip-flops at home. We went on a very muddy day, and I was so thankful I wore my trail runners.


The trail is steep and will give you a good workout! Bring your water bottle. You’ll be thankful for the extra hydration.

Final Thoughts

There are many fun things to do during your time in Lake Bled, and hiking to the Ojstrica viewpoint should be one of them. Yes, it requires a short steep hike, but the views will be worth your time and effort.

Plus, it only takes about 1 hour, which leaves you plenty of time for other activities.

Another fantastic hike in the Lake Bled area you do not want to miss is Vintgar Gorge. If you do this hike too (which you should!), here are the 9 things to know before you go!

If you are still looking for amazing things to do in Slovenia, don’t miss our Slovenia itinerary below!

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